Ubisoft Says Its Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry Movies Won't Be Terrible

CEO Yves Guillemot says it's all about having creative control, and the company has that.

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Video game movies, despite often making a lot of money, do not have a great track record from a critical standpoint. One video game company that is pushing hard in the movie space is Ubisoft, which is currently making a total of six movies based on its popular franchises like Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry. These movies stand to buck the trend of lackluster critical reception, CEO Yves Guillemot says, because Ubisoft has creative control.

"The best way to [make sure a video game movie doesn't fall flat] is to make sure you control what is important in movie creation," Guillemot told the Ubisoft Blog. "It's the scenario and the cast and the director. And if you are capable of negotiating with those guys in the movie production studios, making sure they are on the same page as you, that they understand the IP-- what is strong, what makes it interesting for the gamers--then you can create something that will match people's expectations."

For this reason, Ubisoft created an internal division--Ubisoft Motion Pictures--dedicated exclusively to making movies and TV shows based off its brands. Ubisoft's deal with film company New Regency for the Assassin's Creed movie gives the game maker control of "key elements" of the film's creative direction.

Guillemot went on to say that making video game movies that resonate with gamers is beneficial to players in the long run, because they can brings in more money that Ubisoft can then invest into game development. "Ancillary products such as movies are another source of revenue to keep building strong and rich brands," he said.

In addition, Guillemot said he expects that content created for Ubisoft's video game movies can also be used in new games. "For example, if you do a movie and you have lots of special effects, lots of creations of worlds and characters, you can pick that up and put that in your game. So, the games become richer, more alive, and more cinematic," he said.

It's important for Ubisoft to have a strong transmedia strategy, Guillemot said, because it keeps players engaged with brands between new game releases. "Otherwise, the brand goes down or disappears, and you have to rebuild from the ground up," he said.

Ubisoft is currently making movies based on the following franchises: Rabbids, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and Splinter Cell. Inglourious Basterds and 12 Years a Slave actor Michael Fassbender will play the lead in the Assassin's Creed movie while Batman and Inception actor Tom Hardy has been cast for the Splinter Cell movie.

Video game movies are all the rage right now. In addition to Ubisoft's six movies, other films in the works include projects based on franchises like Thief, Warcraft, The Last of Us, Temple Run, Minecraft, Metal Gear Solid, and Angry Birds. The most recently released video game movie was Need for Speed, which starred Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and was actually a lot of fun to watch, at least the driving sequences were.

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i dont know what to expect.. but i've been waiting for game movies for years especially AC series and Splinter Cell series.. they both has very great story despite AC has many twist plot.. but they have style.. i mean i love action movies.. and here i would love to see AC movie jumping and climbing the building while assassinate the enemy.. watch dogs.. would love if it could make me fall in tears.. i almost did with the game but i didn't.. i dont want to tell why.. might spoil the story.. and for far cry.. (never play the first 2) but far cry 3? Vass? Whoa!

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Right....i totaly believe them after the abomination called Watchdogs PC Version.

Fix that game and i might believe you.....on the other hand...no i think i dont.

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Fastbender and Hardy are excellent choices. This is going to be interesting.

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should stop crossing mediums i reckon movies are never as good as the books or games and movie games are ever as good as the movies plus from a personal point i play games because i can't sit through a 2 hour film not doing anything im getting restless now just thinking about it

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Games based on the film's storyline is typically horrible. But I remember the first two Harry Potter games where quite entertaining. That's before everything gt serious. But expanded universe games, based on a film's universe can be good. There are several Star Wars games to prove that.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> actually that is true the 1st 2 harry potter games where really good and im not a fan of star wars tbh but iv gotta say star wars battlefield i think it was called was really good and spider-man 2 the movie game was really good also but for the most part they're terrible

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Here's an idea, get Damon Lindelof to write the script, let Uwe Boll direct it and you got a winner.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> but you have to remember being "not terrible" is a step up from the majority of movies based on video games.

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Didn't George Lucal also have complete creative control when making the prequels?

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They wont be terrible...Just mediocre.

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Well no-one ever goes in expecting their movie to be terrible.

Theoretically making movies can't really hurt the games, only add to the worlds & if players don't like them then they can ignore them. Films are a fairly limited story telling medium compared to games though, you've got maybe 2 hours of concentrated story compared to the multiple acts, character development challenge, progression & plot twists you can fit into a game that is 20 or 50+ hours.

Think about trying to fit Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad into a movie. It might be OK but not nearly as good as the stories & character arcs they can fit into multiple seasons. If you think about a game as a season & sequels as the next season then you can tell some really interesting stories, develop some really interesting characters & give the player an immersive experience & sense of accomplishment. Of course not every game has to be like this. Tetris still has it's place but RPGs like Assassin's Creed & Watch Dogs could certainly benefit from adding some more story into the mix with the side quests.

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We will be the judge of that. Thanks Ubi

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they forgot

heavenly sword, looks promising tho thrown off with the dude in the trailer that didn't appear in the game so methinks a re-release might be on the way

and I'm gonna throw in there final fantasy 7 advent children complete this movie pure class

hay wait minecraft, ... really minecraft..... ?

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None of these games have particularly good or interesting stories.... I would actually go as far as to say Watch Dogs' story is downright retarded.

Also, did you guys see the Assassins Creed film the Ubisoft made? Most embarrassing pos I've ever seen.

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You release an Assassin's Creed every year, Ubisoft. Do you really need something to fill the void between games? How shallow can your games be?

Ubisoft can cover as many media avenues as possible, but I sure won't be investing in them all.

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Temple Run................................................................................................................. whut???

Avatar image for Heshertonfist

As long as Uwe Boll isn't involved the movies won't be pure garbage. Maybe just somewhat garbage.

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Ok then we can expect a bad movie. But not terrible.

And he says: "For example, if you do a movie and you have lots of special effects, lots of creations of worlds and characters, you can pick that up and put that in your game. So, the games become richer, more alive, and more cinematic,"
Hummm no... It doesn't work like that...

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"Ubisoft Says Its Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry Movies Won't Be Terrible" Well, what if I *want* a terrible movie? Several of the video game movies I've enjoyed have been deemed terrible, like Max Payne and Hitman. I'd rather have an entertainingly bad movie than a dull, everyone-is-so-freaking-serious movie. The latter could turn out to be fun to watch as well, like Twilight and Abduction (both with Taylor Lautner, lol), but it could also just become boring, because of the lack of anything except dark, gritty and serious stuff.

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Special effects department for the watch dogs movie is currently working out how to have the entire movie micro stutter so that it realistically represents the game.

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

Well, I guess that clears that up then.

I suppose next you'll tell us the next Assassin's Creed will actually have different, innovative, intuitive gameplay, and more variety than ever before.

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Will I have to pay an extra $2 to download and watch the last 10 minutes of these movies?

Avatar image for northArrow

<< LINK REMOVED >> No, just an important part in the middle

and also to watch the movie with each character wearing a different outfit.

You'll also need a Uplay account to watch the movie

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Yes, they will be terrible. Who are you kidding?

Avatar image for kidflash2000

They obviously didn't have control during the Prince of Persia movie...it was okay but...that could have been awesome

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This just in: Ubisoft says each Assassin's Creed game will be different from one another.

Avatar image for nothingformoney

Anybody remember that FarCry movie made by Uwe Boll? Me neither.

Avatar image for catsimboy

Unfortunately only theaters with Uplay projectors will be able to show the movies.

Avatar image for Sushiglutton

Who had creative control of AC3?

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

They're really setting the bar high with "They won't be terrible"

Avatar image for Kinguard73

You guys are the second coming of EA as far as re hash full price content. Watch Dogs is the most creative thing I seen since the first assassin creed. What does that say about your company?

Avatar image for roler42

The real question is: Will these movies require an always-online connection aswell as a uplay account?

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

<< LINK REMOVED >> What ubisoft games require always-online connection? I have played a lot recently on my laptop in offline mode.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

Yeah but you have creative control over your games as well and they generally are pretty terrible for the most part. Not exactly filling us with confidence is it?

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

<< LINK REMOVED >>Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell, I am Alive, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are all terrible? I would say most of them are good to great, maybe not the best but certainly not terrible.

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@MrFreehuggs @Dannystaples14 AC and splinter cell have been run into the ground with all of there sequels. And the other games only touch on certain fan bases, except for maybe far cry.

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

@bearfan15 They have flooded the market with AC, I dont know if I'd agree with Splinter Cell, its just been around forever. Having several sequels doesn't make them terrible games

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They will be pretty bad I'm guessing. 6/10 at best and you will not watch them more than once in a 5 year period.

The Resident Evil films started out ok and gradually got so bad they started to be funny. Almost worth watching for how bad they got. Almost.

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Will, they require U(Don't)Play?

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They won't be terrible. They will be beyond terrible

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I love AC, and WD. But these films will be terrible, because those are the kinds of stories you can only get away with in a game. You *can* put them in a film, but that film will be bobbins. These will be the kinds of films you can only think are good if you think the Transformers films are good, or James Cameron's Avatar (i.e. if you are terminally wrong and are contributing to the slow death of everything).

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Well people will flock to it just like they did with the two others you mentioned, for some reason people really like those movies.

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I loled.

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That's easy to say now. No one sets out to make a bad movie, but terrible casting and several re-writes later...

As Square-Enix has demonstrated multiple times, even a developer has trouble making a good movie based off of their IP. I don't expect any different from Ubisoft.

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If Ubisoft have creative control they will be terrible.