Ubisoft's racer The Crew is the "World of Warcraft of driving games"

Publisher likens upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC racing game to Blizzard's genre-defining MMO.

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Ubisoft's upcoming racing game The Crew has been designed to be the "World of Warcraft of driving games," the publisher said today as part of its latest earnings report.

What exactly does that mean? Ubisoft didn't offer much in the way of detail, but the company has previously spoken of the game as one that blends the MMO and racing genres.

Like Blizzard Entertainment's genre-defining World of Warcraft, The Crew will have a central storyline that you can follow, but it also includes a significant social component. What's more, The Crew features an RPG-like system that lets you collect parts and then use them to upgrade your car, just like you might collect new gear in World of Warcraft.

The Crew, which has been in development for more than six years, launches this fall for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on The Crew's RPG-like qualities, check out our video interview with the game's creators.

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