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Ubisoft: "Right now there is no such thing as a Watch Dogs 2"

Creative director Jonathan Morin says if Ubisoft does make a sequel, it "certainly" won't take as long to come to market.

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Ubisoft's much-anticipated open-world action game Watch Dogs launches in just over a month, but don't expect to hear about a sequel anytime soon.

"Right now there is no such thing as a Watch Dogs 2," creative director Jonathan Morin told Eurogamer.

If Ubisoft were to make a sequel, Morin assured fans that it wouldn't take as long to come to market because the developer already has an established foundation to build upon.

"It's certainly not going to be the same amount of time if we ever embark on such a journey," Morin said. "A big part of it was defining whatever Watch Dogs is. Once you have that starting point, then what becomes interesting is what players want more of--what comes next?"

Morin went on to say that Ubisoft's decision to delay Watch Dogs, which affected the publisher financially, is evidence that the company believes in the franchise and wants it to thrive.

"Especially with the delay we have just been really concentrating on getting it [the original Watch Dogs] launched," he said. "After that we'll see where it goes - I think Ubisoft is showing more and more that they're willing to take the time for it to be right."

A potential Watch Dogs sequel would go deeper into the original game's themes of hyperconnectivity and hacking, Morin suggested.

Watch Dogs launches May 27 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Wii U version will come sometime later. For more on Watch Dogs, check out its recently released nine-minute multiplayer demo.

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