Ubisoft Responds to "Deceptive Marketing" Claims for Latest Might & Magic Game

Players say they were promised a physical copy of Might & Magic Heroes VII but got a digital one.


Ubisoft has responded to claims of "deceptive marketing" tactics for the recent release of Might & Magic Heroes VII's collector's edition, apologizing for the confusion and offering refunds and free games to people who want them. This controversy stems from marketing materials for the PC game, which suggested that Ubisoft would deliver a physical copy of the title with the $100 premium bundle. Instead, people on Reddit and Imgur report that they received a digital copy of the game. They aren't happy about it.

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Now, Ubisoft has confirmed that the Might & Magic Heroes VII's collector's edition comes with a digital copy, not a physical one. Marketing material on the game's website has now been updated, while Ubisoft is offering complete refunds and a free game to make up for "any frustration and disappointment."

Free digital PC game choices include:

"Ubisoft regrets any confusion created by the marketing materials from our Might and Magic Heroes VII Collector's Edition," the developer said in a statement. "We understand that some customers in North America were not aware the Collector's Edition delivered digital versions of the game and soundtrack. Ubisoft apologizes for any frustration and disappointment resulting from these items being in digital format vs. physical format."

This pertains only to copies of Might & Magic Heroes VII Collector's Edition sold in the United States through Ubisoft's Uplay service. In Europe, the collector's edition comes with a physical disc.

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