Ubisoft Replaces Its Rewards Program, But It's Unclear What's New

Ubisoft Club lets you earn rewards, discounts, and more by playing the publisher's games.


Ubisoft today announced Ubisoft Club, a new rewards program that seems to be awfully similar to its existing Uplay program.

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As explained in the video above--the only information the company has shared about Club so far--playing Ubisoft games on any platform allows you to earn XP and the extremely generic-sounding "Units." Units can be used to unlock new in-game content, gain access to betas, or earn discounts on Ubisoft's store.

What isn't clear from the video is that Ubisoft's Uplay service already allowed players to earn XP and Units that can be used to unlock wallpapers, in-game content, and other rewards of relatively little significance.

Purchasing discounts with Units appears to be the biggest component of Club (even though that, too, isn't new), but the extent of the discounts is rather limited. Here are the six offers currently listed on the Club website, which confusingly alternate between percentage discounts and specific prices:

It's unclear how long these offers will be available for or how often they'll change.

We've followed up with Ubisoft for more details on Club and what it means for the existing rewards program. In the meantime, you can sign up using your Uplay account here.

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