Ubisoft releases results, reveals new games for PSP and 360

Brothers in Arms and Splinter Cell Essentials headed for Sony's portable as publisher posts improved numbers over last year.


French publisher Ubisoft has posted its financial results for the first half of its fiscal year (April 2005 through September 2005), and the report has some interesting tidbits for gamers and investors alike.

For gamers, Ubisoft's report included a release schedule for the company's fourth quarter (January 2006 through March 2006), which held a few surprises. Foremost among the surprises were listings for an installment of the tactical military shooter Brothers in Arms on the PSP, an Xbox 360 version of Blazing Angels, and another, as-yet-unannounced 360 game. A PSP version of 187 Ride or Die is also on the list, though it's only scheduled for a European release under the name Street Riders. Conspicuous by their absence were the Xbox 360 version of Splinter Cell 4 (working title) and the GameCube edition of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

On the business side of things, the company again touted its increased revenue during the year's first two quarters and noted that it has managed to halve its net debt in the last year. It still lost money for the half, 11.3 million euros ($13.4 million), but not nearly as much as it did for the same period last year, when the company lost 32.9 million euros ($38.9 million).

"Ubisoft saw progress in all of its performance indicators and is today a major player in the video game industry," company CEO Yves Guillemot said in a statement. He later added, "With major game launches scheduled, fiscal year 2005-2006 could well be an outstanding year. The sustained investments that we have done over the past several years, together with the acclaimed quality of our games will make it possible for us to take advantage of every possible growth opportunity presented by the new consoles."

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