UbiSoft Releases Maxi Gamer 3D

Ubi Soft's parent company Guillemot International joins the growing crowd hooked on 3D.


Ubi Soft's parent company Guillemot International is about to join the growing crowd of companies manufacturing 3D graphics cards.

The company will bring to market its new Maxi Graphics Gamer 3D video card today. The latest in the 3Dfx board ring, the board will use the popular Voodoo Graphics chipset and 4MB of on-board RAM.

Packaged with the board will be complete 3Dfx-enhanced versions of Ubi Soft's POD and Sub Culture. Ubi Soft will distribute the new board in the US in mid-October. Pricing for the Gamer 3D will be US$199.99.

This is the company's first venture into the 3D video card market.

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