Ubisoft releases Chaos Theory maps

Extra levels for the latest Splinter Cell resurface on Xbox Live four months after botched original release; Xbox 360 owners report compatibility problems.


Roughly four and a half months ago, Ubisoft released two new multiplayer maps for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory over Xbox Live. The only problem was that the downloaded maps didn't work. The company quickly pulled them down with the hopes of putting them back up again soon.

A third of a year and countless Splinter Cell Chaos Theory forum posts bemoaning the missing maps later, the UN Headquarters and Nuclear Plant levels, which make up the conclusion of the cooperative story mode, are finally available. A new versus mode map, Polar Base, is also up.

However, all is not yet peachy, as the official Chaos Theory forums are now buzzing with reports from Xbox 360 owners who are having problems with the game freezing or even refusing to load as a result of downloading the maps. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was added to Microsoft's official Xbox 360 backward-compatibility list last month.

Ubisoft reps were not immediately available for comment on how the issue would be addressed.

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