Ubisoft planning to release games more frequently

Assassin's Creed and Far Cry publisher says its network of 26 studios and over 7,000 developers will allow company to ship major franchises more regularly.


Ubisoft is aiming to capitalize on its "major production capacity" and release major franchises more frequently. In prepared remarks as part of the company's latest earnings report, CEO Yves Guillemot said the firm will be able to achieve this thanks to its network of 26 studios and over 7,000 developers across the world.

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"We believe that our major production capacity, strong of a network of 26 international studios and over 7,000 developers, now optimized with our lead and associate organization, will allow us to come with an enhanced pipeline of increasingly high quality franchises and new IPs," Guillemot said.

"We will be able to release our franchises more and more regularly, providing solid visibility on our future revenue and profitability streams," he added. "All that, combined with the online expertise and know-how that we have been growing steadily internally make us believe that we will benefit disproportionately from the arrival of the new generation and from the continued growth of the online market."

One of Ubisoft's biggest franchises is Assassin's Creed, which has seen a new entry hit store shelves every year since 2009. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag launches this October and its follow-up is already in production.

According to Ubisoft Montreal boss Yannis Mallat, gamers want a new Assassin's Creed game every year.

Ubisoft's Just Dance franchise has been annualized since its inception in 2009. Just Dance 4 was the most recent entry in the series, launching last fall. It has shipped over 8.5 million units to date.

Some of Ubisoft's other major franchises, like Far Cry, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six, have in the past gone years without new installments.

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Avatar image for foxrock66

How about NO.

Spend more time and energy making the games worth playing. I'll gladly wait 2 or 3 years between AC installments if it means some innovation

Avatar image for DeltaMike90

Cool! More shit to ignore!

Avatar image for Double_Wide

Just what we all wanted: two Assassin's Creeds a year O_O

Avatar image for Halloll

new Watchdog game every month

Avatar image for deactivated-584419ec3a052

Poor Ubisoft, thinking this is a good idea. If you're churning out games left right and centre that are of poor quality you're just digging your own grave. An AC game a year is pushing it, hell, that's just like COD and I despise the marketing tactics for that. So many people choose quantity over quality. It's so sad.

Avatar image for The_Gaming_Baby

Assassin's Creed game every 6 months? Oh wouldn't that be splendid

Avatar image for csward

Ubisoft, welcome to the yearly installment club with EA and Activision. I hardly ever buy Ubisoft games and when I do, I generally don't care for them. I'm sure it will make them more profitable though.

Avatar image for Avalanched

Great! This way, we'll have an Assassin's Creed every 6 months!

Avatar image for YukoAsho

At this rate, Assassin's Creed will burn out before Call of Duty does!

Avatar image for blackothh

good luck

Avatar image for XboxGuy1537

Far Cry 3 and Rabbids (to play with family) are the only games that I ever get from Ubisoft. Assassin's Creed was fun for me with II but I haven't really bothered with that series since then. Not that they are bad games, I just don't like the yearly release.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

Ubisoft has been going downhill for some time now, this is no surprise. Welcome EA's new buddy.

Avatar image for csward

@WantYouBad Took the the words right out of my mouth.

Avatar image for MrStygian

I'm taking this as a bit of a bad thing. The first Assassin's Creed was amazing, the second one was good, and the third one was sub-par compared to it's predecessors and they released news about another one already.

Avatar image for csward

@MrStygian I've only played the newest AC and I quickly got bored with the boring open world and damn near retarded enemy AI.

Avatar image for gamefeind

oh god no

Avatar image for expeditopaz2008

Waiting for a new Driver game.

Avatar image for Skybar


Avatar image for Hurvl

Oh, great! More AAA games annually, like Assassins's Creed. That'll work out well./sarcasm

Avatar image for TigusVidiks

Even more frequently? Then AC will have to release a new game every 6 months.

Avatar image for high344

definitely not good news -.-

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

Anyone wanna start a pool for the date when Ubisoft is going to tank?

Avatar image for CaptinHairybely


Avatar image for Kyrylo

oh, yay. Another 6 AC games are on the way.

Avatar image for jark888

Who's gonna play them all then?

Avatar image for csward

@jark888 The folks who buy CoD every year of course.

Avatar image for farcorners

Making the same game with incremental improvements, year on year, is just how EA messed themselves up.

Avatar image for tchanah

As long as the quality is maintained, just as Assassin's Creed did, am cool with the idea.

Well I love to play a new Assassin's Creed game even everyday! :D

Avatar image for ElFlechero

Everybody seems to be ignoring the part of the quote where he said more new IPs.

Avatar image for PS2fweak

@ElFlechero People aren't ignoring it. It's just obvious that this...

"We will be able to release our franchises more and more regularly"

...sums up his entire statement. This is the same publisher that releases AC every year.

Avatar image for wyan_

There's been too many Assassin's Creed games already, and considering it has the word ass in it twice, that's a lot of asses with even more ass to come.

Avatar image for jsmoke03

ubisoft is going the milkage route. i like the 3 year cycle of game franchises....i don't need a yearly release

Avatar image for YukoAsho

@jsmoke03 Agreed. This is why Grand Theft Auto has remained a top-billing franchise for more than a decade and a half. You can't do milking ideas dry faster than you come up with new ones.

Avatar image for DarkReign2552

Has Ubisoft not visited the internet at all in the last 8 years? What's the ONE thing people bitch about more than anything else? Annual sequels. It fucked up Guitar Hero. It fucked up Call of Duty. It fucked up Tony Hawk. Now it's fucking up Assassin's Creed and it's going to **** up everything else Ubisoft has to offer as well. Not that they really have any franchises left anyway.

Splinter Cell is making a hopeful recovery after Conviction

Far Cry 3 was decent, but walked a thin line into being pretty awful.

Rainbow Six hasn't been good since RS3 and the Black Arrow expansion and

Ghost Recon hasn't been good since the original and it's Island Thunder expansion.

Prince of Persia had a pretty good spin-off in 2007, but the last PoP sucked and they've openly decided to not make any more for a while.

Rayman is recovering after the crappy Rabbid series,
but they're making some awful decisions with the next title being delayed for selfish reason.

They're completely screwing themselves by ignoring the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil.

Avatar image for csward

@DarkReign2552 I didn't care for the level design in Rayman Revolution (the only one I've played). It felt like an easier/generic/mundane Donkey Kong or Mario.

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

I would rather see new IPs more frequently from Ubisoft. But alas, one can dream.

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

Lets all grab some popcorn, have a seat on the couch, and watch Ubisoft's quality nosedive right into bedrock. The opening act was brutal, but now the ish is really gonna hit the fan.

Avatar image for Daemoroth

Because obviously people buy games as quickly as you can release them, right?

Sounds like we'll be seeing Assassin's Creed 2014 1, 2 and 3, and just in time to enjoy Assassin's Creed 2015 1, 2 and 3 (With extra DLC for all).

Yeah, can't wait... /sarcasm

Though, in all honesty, Ubi has been one of the publishers who seems to have a head attached SOMEWHERE, so I'll hold thumbs that things aren't as bad as we seem to think they are.

Avatar image for csward

@Daemoroth The new one has pirates though!!!1! It's sure to rival CoD in sales!

Avatar image for jhunter28

Did you enjoy last month's AC game? THen you'll love this month's AC game.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Yearly releases weren't fast enough? Go **** yourself, Ubisoft.

Avatar image for hadlee73

Madden Creed 2013 :P

Avatar image for megaanto

as a fan of the first couple of games, i cant stomach ac anymore. revelations was boring and felt like an expansion for ac2. by ac3 i wasnt even bothered borrowing it off my brother. i think im done with the series especially if used games are gonna be blocked next gen. i wouldnt be willing to fork out full price for a repetitive ac game with no replay value.

Avatar image for DiamondDM13

Oh man... What's next? AC every 6 months? maybe even 3 months?

Avatar image for cdog21

I really don't understand the hate that yearly released games get.

It's not like Team 1, that created Game A, is going to immediately go out and start working on Game B. Game B was already being worked on by Team 2.

Avatar image for csward

@cdog21 You will learn to hate them cdog. When you play enough games, you will realize each year you are buying the same game with a different theme. This year is pirate AC, next year will be ninja AC (b/c they're cool to the masses ya'know), after that caveman AC (b/c fighting dinosaurs will be cool to the masses), ect.

Nothing wrong with separating people from their money, but it won't be me buying it.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@cdog21 Team 1 and Team 2 are NEVER the same quality.

Avatar image for Coren_Larken

@cdog21 It isn't that. It's the repetitive feel. I skipped the two AC games after 2, because I was just tired of it. I loved the games, I just can't do it so regularly. I feel like they'd resonate more with consumers with more time between them. The way I view yearly releases is like throw-away games. They're only good enough to play for a short time and then you ditch it for the next new thing. I think it takes away from the experience. That's my stance. But I also understand a company's gotta make money.

Avatar image for KimCheeWarriorX

...at the cost of quality