Ubisoft names, dates console America's Army

Subtitled "Rise of a Soldier," the US military-created shooter will ship for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 this summer.


Ubisoft's shooter-heavy release slate got some more ammunition today, when the publisher officially titled and dated its console port of America's Army. Underneath the audacious title "Ubisoft Redefines Authenticity with America's Army: Rise of a Soldier," a press release from the France-based publisher revealed the game will ship for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox this summer. No rating or price information was included in the release.

Developed by Secret Level with the assistance of the US Army, which developed the PC version, Rise of a Soldier will allow players "to create a soldier and take him through the thrills and adventure of an army career," according to Ubisoft. Starting off as recruits in Special Forces training, players' characters can pick one of several career paths, such as demolitions expert or sniper.

Ubisoft also touts the fact the game's single-player mode "has no linear campaign design" and will feature "ultra-realistic combat scenarios" crafted with input from real-life Special Forces officers. Rise of a Soldier will also sport two multiplayer modes, including split-screen co-op and an online multiplayer mode capable of supporting 16 players. Players will also to be able to import their single-player campaign characters into the online multiplayer mode.

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