Ubisoft Montreal promotes Mallat

Central figure behind Prince of Persia success tapped for top position in Montreal.


Yannis Mallat, the lead producer of 2003's success The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, was elevated to chief executive officer of Ubisoft's Montreal studio today. Mallat most recently held the title executive producer of new intellectual properties. The move today fills a void created by last week's sudden resignation of the studio's COO and its de facto head, Martin Tremblay. In a statement, Yves Guillemot, CEO and cofounder of Ubisoft Entertainment, said, "The studio now has all the necessary tools to foster the teams' artistic vision and reach its new ambition: to become the world's premier development studio not only by size but also...by the quality of the games developed." Today's news prompted some to speculate that last week's resignation was fueled by the ascending star of Mallat. In related news out of Ubisoft Montreal, Sabine Hamelin was named executive vice president of corporate affairs for the studio.

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Gratz to Mallat for his promotion. Made a great series, that man. Best of luck in his new position. Hopefully he'll try and drop StarForce for UBI games.

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I hope he can convice UBISOFT to drop StarForce as I will not purchase any of their software with that potentially damaging copyprotection on it. If they continue to not care about thier customers the customers will not care about their products period.

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nice... it IS getting pretty big! Just happens i got an interview there today (Montreal studios!). Hope i get in!!!

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Wow, he's moving on up. Best of luck to him!

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Congratulations to him. Hopefully he can preside as CEO as well as he did in his previous capacity.