Ubisoft Makes Some Welcome Changes to Watch Dogs Multiplayer Scoring

Beginning now, victims of hacking invasion will not lose Notoriety, even if they aren't able to find their opponent.

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Ubisoft announced today that it has made a few changes to how scoring works in the the multiplayer modes for recently released open-world action game Watch Dogs. The first change, as explained by a Ubisoft developer in a post on the game's forums, has to do with "invasions." Beginning now, the victim of a hacking invasion will no longer lose Notoriety, even if they can't find the hacker.

The second change has to do with the Watch Dogs ctOS Mobile Challenge mode, where a player on a mobile device can face off against someone on console or PC. Going forward, if you lose a challenge, you won't lose Notoriety. As long as you pass a "few" checkpoints, you'll be eligible for Notoriety, even if you end up losing the match overall.

According to Ubisoft, this change should help keep people from rage-quitting. "Now, no one will have a reason to quit a match before it's finished," Ubisoft says. Sony is employing a similar tactic with upcoming racing game Driveclub, in that the title offers up a series of mini-challenges that should keep you interested, even if you're not leading the race.

Overall, Ubisoft summed up its thinking process in making these changes thusly: "The goal of these changes is to encourage players to finish the hacking session without disconnecting, without incurring a penalty."

Watch Dogs launched on May 27, breaking 24-hour sales records for Ubisoft and going on to sell 4 million copies in its first week. That figure, however, is still below Ubisoft's total sales expectation of six million units for the game. For more, you can read GameSpot's Watch Dogs review.

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