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Ubisoft Knows XDefiant's Hit Registration Isn't Working Well And Is Fixing It

The game has seemingly gotten off to a hot start.


Ubisoft is currently working on a fix for XDdefiant's hit detection, as the development team is aware players think that the function is working poorly.

Twitter users were calling on Ubisoft San Francisco to fix the hit detection in XDefiant, and the game's director, Mark Rubin, responded they it was something that the team was looking into. Hit detection is the game's ability to detect the accuracy of projectiles. In a first-person shooter game like XDefiant, hit detection would be applied to things like bullets.

XDefiant is Ubisoft's Call of Duty-like game, and Rubin had been a longtime Call of Duty executive. The game also tries to differentiate itself from Activision's popular shooter game by not implementing skill-based matchmaking.

XDefiant launched this week on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. It has faced a litany of issues so far, including matchmaking problems. However, Ubisoft San Francisco is continually working on the the game in order to get it into its best shape as it's still in pre-season. XDefiant seems to have gotten off to a hot start, though, as it reportedly reached 1 million players within its first three hours of release.

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