Ubisoft joining the Political Machine

Military-mad publisher agrees to distribute Stardock's civilian-election sim.


The Political Machine

However the 2004 presidential election turns out, gamers in both red and blue states will be able to perform their own recount--on their PCs. Michigan-based developer Stardock Corporation has reached a deal with Ubisoft to distribute its election sim, The Political Machine. The game will ship in North American during late summer 2004 for an undisclosed retail price.

Featuring all the trappings of a modern election--fundraising, hot-button issues, and obnoxious talk shows, to name a few--the Political Machine will cast players as the manager of either the Bush or Kerry campaign. Those dissatisfied with both candidates can handle a past president like Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt or can create their own candidate from scratch. The official Political Machine Web site has more information on the game.

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