Ubisoft jacks out of the Matrix Online

[UPDATE] Warner Bros. and Monolith are continuing development on the sci-fi film-based MMORPG.


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A few weeks after canceling the online component of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, Ubisoft has removed another massively multiplayer game from its lineup. The publisher announced today that it was bowing out of its deal to copublish the Matrix Online with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Although most divorces end badly, there seemed to be no hard feelings between the two companies. "Ubisoft has been a great partner, and we look forward to continuing our publishing relationship with them on several other projects," said Warner Senior Vice President Jason Hall. "Ubisoft will continue its strong and positive relationship with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment now and in the future on other games," said Managing Director of Ubi.com Gilles Langourieux.

Doubts about the Matrix Online have been circling within the industry, given the lackluster reception of the two Matrix movie sequels and the overcrowded MMORPG genre. However, Hall said the game was still on track. "Development of the Matrix Online game is still being handled by Monolith Productions," he said. "We are on schedule for our November release and are moving towards our planned open beta this spring."

Monolith President Samantha Ryan echoed Hall's statement to GameSpot this morning. "Development of the Matrix Online is still in full swing at Monolith," she said. "In fact, things are really shaping up nicely, and in the not-too-distant future, PR efforts for the game will ramp up. I just saw a new build and was struck anew at how cool it is to have an MMORPG actually set in a huge city. Neat stuff."

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