Ubisoft issues call for Emergency Heroes

Publisher's open-world rescue driving game offers Wii gamers 16 different vehicles in which to protect and serve this May.


There comes a time in many children's lives when they realize that, yes, it would be cool to drive a fire truck. While gaming sims catering to aspiring public servants have been woefully lacking in the past, Ubisoft will soon be delivering a rescue vehicle catchall, taking place in the future no less.

The curvature of the buildings lets you know its futuristic.
The curvature of the buildings lets you know its futuristic.

Titled Emergency Heroes, the game presents an open-world environment where players seek out harrowing situations in one of 16 different rescue vehicles. Players will be able to hop in the souped-up rides of police officers, firefighters, or EMTs, and in Crazy Taxi fashion they can explore the futuristic city of San Alto looking for opportunities to ply their trade. Civil servants will also have the chance to pair up for two-player co-op gaming.

Developed by Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Barcelona, Emergency Heroes will arrive exclusively for the Nintendo Wii in May.

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