Ubisoft Imagines What The Future Of Autonomous Driving Could Look Like

"The driver can let go and get away from the pressure of the road."


Ubisoft and car-maker Renault have been working together on a virtual reality experience for the car company's autonomous vehicle, the Symbioz concept car, for a while now. Today, Ubisoft showed off more of this, and it is quite a sight to behold. Ubisoft created a virtual reality experience that changes based on the immediate surrounding.

The idea is to give the person in the driver's seat--who doesn't actually have to drive of course--something to do as they get to their destination. This obviously is only for the car's autonomous mode, but even knowing that, it's somewhat unsettling to see someone in the driver's seat of a car not paying attention to the road.

"The driver dives into an immersive universe which progressively changes from a realistic representation of both the vehicle and its immediate surrounding, to a futuristic and surrealist landscape," Ubisoft said in a news release.

"Ubisoft's experience is connected to the car reproducing the navigation data in real time, including speed variations, lane changes and surrounding vehicles, making each ride unique while enhancing immersion and escapism," Ubisoft added. "The driver can let go and get away from the pressure of the road, and potentially even forget that the car is driving itself on the highway."

The video above shows the Symbioz car driving on its own on a section of highway north of Paris. It was tested in real-life conditions, Ubisoft said, which presumably means with other, standard cars on the road as well.

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