Ubisoft Giving Away Two PC Games For Free This Month

Free is a nice price.

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Looking for a gift this holiday? Ubisoft is giving away two PC games--and they're pretty good ones. Now through December 11, you can get the RTS World in Conflict (and its Soviet Assault expansion) for the low, low price of $0.00.

The game was developed by Ubisoft Massive (The Division), and it originally came out in 2007. It's set in an alternate timeline when the Soviet Union takes over the US in the '80s.

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Then starting on December 12, you can pick up Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for nothing. This freebie offer ends on December 28. The well-regarded, Caribbean-set Black Flag was released in 2013 and puts you into the stealthy boots of Edward Kenway.

The free game offers, which were announced on Ubisoft's blog, are available only through Ubisoft's Uplay store, and once you get them they are yours to keep for ever. For more on both games, check out GameSpot's reviews below.

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Avatar image for urbanman2004

Black Flag you're taking too d@mn long

Avatar image for DBROWN9

World in Conflict can't be played online, so its pretty pointless as the online servers were closed down 2 years ago - so its the single player campaign only I'm afraid. Not much of a giveaway ....

Avatar image for BloodMist

World in Conflict eh? Hot DAMN that is one of the best strategy games of all time!!!

Avatar image for meedokicky

I've been wanting to play Black Flag, because people go on and on about how good it is, but I am not awfully interested in naval combat tbh, so i was hesitant to buy.

Avatar image for Litchie

@meedokicky: Aside from naval battles, it's pretty much the same as the other AC games. Not very good, in other words, but if you enjoyed the other ones, BF might be fun for you.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@Litchie: Well I guess I'll find out soon :) I loved Syndicate and Unity, but it had a lot to do with the setting and the architecture tbh.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@meedokicky: I'm not a fan of assassins Creed, but got it free on XB1. Played it because I was bored. I was blown away at how good it is. the only other AC game I've played was AC2 and was not really impressed with it. but Black Flag is great.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@spartanx169x: Yeah I heard someone say they liked it because it is not mainly an assassin game XD

To tell you the truth, I wasn't too fond of AC2 either, even though people say it is the best in the series. I however enjoyed Syndicate and Unity... Yes Unity! lol I played it way later so it wasn't very buggy. Paris looked great and parkour animations looked very nice.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@meedokicky: Unity removed too much though for a lot of us. Stealth was a joke and your weapon choices were more limited.

I'm not saying it isn't enjoyable, but it was lacking in many aspects. I actually should probably go back to it as I forgot I owned it until this conversation. Another thing I have to install now.

A lot of people enjoy AC2 the most as it was the first AC game to really offer a breathtaking setting. I'd say nostalgia plays a part in it, even if some later installments offered the same plus more. Personally I found Black Flag to be the best of the series in terms of adding the most to the series as well as its amazing setting.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@Smosh150: Yeah the stealth wasn't the best part XD But I actually only played AC1 and 2 a little, and both just didn't click with me. Didn't play AC games until Syndicate, I really liked it so I decided to play Unity, and it was cheap by then. So I didn't notice much was missing.

Well, hopefully I get to try this one soon, maybe I'll like it too :)

Avatar image for Smosh150

@meedokicky: Probably so, it is one of the best. I haven't played Origins yet as everybody is raving about that, but Black Flag is pretty amazing (I am kind of biased by the setting too, III and IV really appealed to me in that regard).

Tried to go back to Unity yesterday, but the performance was horrendous for me. I probably could have tried more to figure out why it performed so badly, but I opted to purchase Syndicate while it was cheap. I'm definitely enjoying that one I will say.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@Smosh150: Yeah I am looking to get Origins next year when they add that narrative mode :)

Haha understandable, I played Unity on PS4 even though I have a gaming PC, it seemed like the better bet :P

Glad you're enjoying Syndicate! I loved the setting, the soundtrack, and the sort of light-hearted story.

Avatar image for phili878

World in Conflict extremely unstable on windows 10. Crashed several times now mid-mission, having to restart all over. Uninstalled.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@phili878: No issue here, is it possible the Uplay launcher may be causing the issue (If you are using it)?

I just downloaded the GoG version (Last Week) and have played hours of it so far without issue.

Avatar image for phili878

@Smosh150: thx, I will try that then.

Avatar image for jtmellon

Thank you for that. I was pulling my hair out looking for the game.

Avatar image for fellabusta


I'm not sure why they didn't include the link in the article...

Avatar image for beantownsean

Might check out that Creed game, I've never bothered with the series previously.

Avatar image for painterroy

Just went to the Ubisoft store. Nowhere is World In Conflict even offered.

Avatar image for Xan26

@painterroy: Just checked it, it's on the Uplay Store on the news page. The very first announcement.

Avatar image for zerohournow

thats pretty cool, black flag is great

Avatar image for ECH71

Give me The Division for free. I already had Watch Dogs before it was free and I'm not at all interested in the other games given away so... yup, The Division for free please.

There's no way I'd buy a game that can turn into a brick when Ubisoft pulls down the game's servers.

Avatar image for doremonhg9x

@ECH71: lol the "entitled gamer" syndrome

Avatar image for Acillatem1993

"Ubisoft treats pc gamers like shit" Now I'm not saying its perfect. But Ubi gave away much more PC games than any other publisher lately. This year alone Watch Dogs, now AC4 and WiC. Last year Rayman Origins, The Crew and a bunch of older games. Thats not too bad.

Avatar image for Smosh150

Damn you Ubisoft. Used to own WiC through Direct2drive (Which was bought by Gamefly later) and was feeling nostalgic the other day. My old e-mail is defunct so I had to buy WiC again on GoG not 5 days ago. My timing really sucks.

Whatever though, it was like five dollars and no DRM so I guess that kind of balances it out. That game has aged fantastic though, still as much fun as the day it came out. Too bad we will never see a sequel (If we did it wouldn't be the same setting anyway unless they rebooted it), that story just really hit me hard and makes me wish for more from it (Especially the ending).

Avatar image for cornbredx

Black Flag was a good game. The whole AC wrapping was kind of meaningless really (the outside animus stuff didn't really amount to a whole lot) and there is a ton of tedious collectibles to get (which if you get them make your character better with better gear and stuff which is lame because that means you'll spend hours on tedium), but it's still a good game.

Free is a steal for that game.

Avatar image for vegard1985

@cornbredx: Agreed. It's the only AC game I've ever really played. Tried a few of the others but could not get into them. But I love pirate themed games, so it was almost a given that I would enjoy AC IV.

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

How come ubisoft never gives away games for free on consoles look how much money they made off console gamers, throw them a free bone.

Avatar image for RikiGuitarist

@hardcoregamer1: Because giving free games/downloads over Uplay is all controlled by Ubisoft. Giving away free games on consoles means they still have to go through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network servers, which has licensing and bandwidth rules that will actually cost Ubisoft more money.

Avatar image for Daveof89

@hardcoregamer1: Technically, they did. Black flag was a game with gold a while back.

Avatar image for Mogan

@Daveof89: Yeah, but what has Ubisoft done for console gamers lately? : p