Ubisoft engages Faces of War

1C's real-time strategy game will now be published by Splinter Cell publisher; game hits PCs March 2006.


Faces of War

Ubisoft today announced that it has reached a publishing deal with Russian gaming company 1C for Faces of War. Previously known as Outfront II, the real-time strategy game is scheduled to begin firing on PCs in March. The game is being developed by Best Way, the Ukrainian company behind Soldiers: Heroes of World War II.

Gamers can take control of American, British, Soviet, or German troops and battle out some of WWII's greatest fights in Europe. Included in the game are simulations of the Battle of the Bulge, the Normandy Invasion, and the Battle of Berlin. Soldiers in the game will think about the orders they are given, and figure out how to accomplish tasks in "the most efficient and safe way."

Faces of War has not yet been priced or rated. For more information on the game, march over to GameSpot's coverage from earlier this year.

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