Ubisoft E3 2019: Skull & Bones Isn't At The Show, And It's Delayed Until Next Year

Sticks and stones will break my skull and bones.

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Ubisoft has delayed its pirate-themed ship combat game, Skull & Bones, for a second time. The publisher originally scheduled Skull & Bones for a 2018 launch, but then announced a delay until 2019-2020. Now, Ubisoft is saying the game won't come out until sometime "after 2019/20." Additionally, Skull & Bones will not be a part of Ubisoft's E3 press conference, which is scheduled to take place today, June 10.

Ubisoft revealed the news in a recent earnings report. The vague "after 2019/20" refers to financial periods, as opposed to calendar years, meaning the earliest Skull & Bones might now launch is April 2020. Explaining the delay, Ubisoft told GameSpot: "For new IPs, it is common to have evolutions of creative vision and this requires more development time."

The game's official Twitter account also published a short video talking about the delay and decision to skip E3. Producer Karl Luhe talks about making the game as good as possible and that Ubisoft remains committed to it. The video also features some behind-the-scenes looks at the development of the game. Luhe notes they'll be back "as soon as [they] can" with further updates on the game.

The naval combat game was first revealed at E3 2017, and we came away from both that and the following E3's demo feeling excited. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Singapore, the studio that made Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's ship combat sequences.

There is also a Skull & Bones TV show on the way. On whether the game's new delay will affect the TV show, Ubisoft told GameSpot "the Skull & Bones TV series has no impact on the development of the game--and vice versa."

Ubisoft has quite a lot on the way. Beyond the recently announced Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it's now confirmed it has three unannounced, triple-A games coming early in 2020. It didn't share any details on what those games will be, although it seems likely that we'll learn about at least some of them during Ubisoft's E3 press conference.

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Avatar image for rino

I dont know why anyone is surprised the level of game they have been talking about would have to be cut down to run on XB1 and on PS4 they could run on the Pro or the X but with down played graphics so they are most likely trying to wait till next gen. I understand the next Gen Xbox will still run XB1 games and PS has not ever really worried about backwards compatibility but I think Skull and Bones has made a smart move delaying the game again though it is getting tiresome waiting to see the actual game and not just some PC clip of half @$$ed game play.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

So they realized they lacked the cannonballs and ARRRen't willing to release such Shallow gameplay?

(feel free to add your own)

Avatar image for Vodoo

It's kinda weird if you think about it... They have 3 "unannounced" AAA games coming sooner than the games we DO know about (Skull and Bones, Beyond Good and Evil 2, ect...).

Avatar image for Barighm

I approve this news article that is actually related to gaming.

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

I remember another pirate game that was delayed over and over again. Turned out to be an extremely mediocre game. A sense a similar fate.

Avatar image for Kaizens

Delays, huh ? I guess we're talking Next Gen here...

Avatar image for davillain-

A wise move to delaying Skull & Bones Ubisoft. We don't want another Sea of Thieves from MS fiasco now do we?

Avatar image for playstationzone

Ubisoft do self favour axe the game because this game won’t sale at all just axe it .

Avatar image for robertbyronz

and everyone commented on Sea of Thieves being delayed or Crackdown, or ... or ... or. It happens people. Get over it. Personally I wish all studios were like Blizzard.. when it's done.. add the polish and make the game great.. I'm personally more then happy to wait if it means we get a great game unlike the buggy messes that have been releasing recently.

Avatar image for thelostscribe

People loop Ubisoft into the same category as Activision and EA, but at least Ubisoft is willing to let a game be in development for more than a few years without axing.

Avatar image for mboettcher

I loved AC4's naval combat...until I didn't. Once you fully upgraded your ship the naval combat presented zero challenge anymore (outside of the 4 legendary ships). I hope with a game that has naval combat as its only focus they can figure out how to keep it from becoming too easy and repetitive. Cautiously optimistic.

Avatar image for thelostscribe

@mboettcher: Never finished AC4, but loved the game. I've never experienced in any other games intertwined sail masts, during a thunderstorm, boarding the enemy ship from up above and raining down upon them. Quite spectacular events, but Edwards combat was very clumsy to me. The dual swords were awesome, but the counters and hit boxes just seemed too sloppy. Assassinations were very difficult.

Kenway was not an Assassin, he was a pirate looped into it all and at no point did I ever feel he was moving towards being a better one. I will say I loved just landing on tropical islands, even small ones, and moving through the dynamic brush.

Back to naval combat, never got bored of it, but never got fully upgraded. I am excited for Skull and Bones, I'm thinking they are trying to expanding further than just ship combat. That's my thoughts, can't wait to see more info on it.