Ubisoft: Core gamers 'starving' for next-gen

Assassin's Creed publisher says core audience chomping at the bit for new platforms; Ubisoft market share rises to 11.2 percent.


The wait for next-generation consoles will soon be over, and according to Ubisoft, gamers will be eager to adopt the new platforms. As part of its latest earnings report, Ubisoft said the eight-year wait for new consoles has left gamers "starving" for next-gen platforms.

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The company also detailed the various long-term opportunities it sees in next-gen platforms. Ubisoft said the social nature of these platforms will make players even more connected, which in turn will yield greater average revenue per user.

Overall, Ubisoft said it believes the arrival of next-gen platforms will lead to record sales for the industry. Outside of the Wii U, the only announced next-generation platform thus far is Sony's PlayStation 4. This is likely to change in five days, when Microsoft lifts the veil on its long-rumored next Xbox.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said in prepared remarks that gamers today want to express themselves without limitation, noting that new platforms for Sony and Microsoft will key in on this to their benefit.

"We live in a world of self-expression. Everywhere, everyone is creative and wants to add value," Guillemot said. "Customization, or curating, is a huge growth area across all services and that holds true for games. People want to play in their own way, they want to define their own experience and they want to share the way they're playing."

Ubisoft also revealed new market share figures for the industry's leading publishers. Citing NPD, GFK, Chart-Track, and Nielsen data, the company said it was the third largest publisher in the business, with its market share jumping to 11.2 percent in the past year, up from 8.8 percent a year ago.

Activision Blizzard was the top publisher in the year (19.5 percent), with Electronic Arts (18.4 percent), Nintendo (10.8 percent), and Take-Two Interactive (6.4 percent) rounding out the top five.

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Avatar image for Hurvl

If Star Wars Episode 1 was about consoles and games:

Datth Maul: At last we will reveal ourselves to the gamers, at last we (or rather, the gamers) will get revenge.

Darth Sidious: You've been well-constructed for handling new IP's, my young successor, they will be no match for you.

Yes, that's my first thought, when reading this article - making a Star Wars reference and an Episode 1 reference to boot.

Avatar image for SunnySkyNL

I am so ready for the PS4, I can't wait for E3 to see gameplay for the games to come. I'm saving up my money and my vacation days from work so I can get a PS4 at launch and play that thing into the early hours.

Avatar image for 91210user

Not we're not ready!

Avatar image for PodXCOM

@Philip Iyobo Eki You can't use your imagination? Sheesh! Kids these days.

I can think of a hundred things for the Next-Gen, that I couldn't do in this Gen.

Like, more games will be like Red Faction: Guerrilla, From Dust, Dead Rising, Hydrophobia, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Total War, and more. In fact, what's stoping game-makers from combining the best parts of Red Faction: Guerrilla, From Dust, Dead Rising, Hydrophobia into one super game?

Avatar image for deactivated-5c13ed0e6897f

I've had my PS3 for 4 years and it's transformed my view on gaming. I'm not ready for next gen though, but I could really use a good PC. :(

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

I am Starving for The Witcher 3 . That's it .

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

And my new Gaming PC , so Excited :-)

Avatar image for PodXCOM

Did people forget what we can do with new tech? We'll have more Red Faction: Guerrilla, From Dust, Dead Rising, Hydrophobia, and more. We'll be able to do whatever we want.

Avatar image for apnance

@PodXCOM I believe what we're seeing here, perplexingly, is people pointlessly parroting pessimistic pundit's pontificating predictions pertaining to perfunctory platform progress.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@apnance @PodXCOM My, that's some alliterative assumptions alluding to ascertaining all but affable associations anchored at an alleged all-encompassing audience.

Avatar image for tim1935

I will buy if it's worth it. My money is not burning a hole in my pocket.

Avatar image for Aspire85

Wouldn't say I was starving. I'm pretty sure all we are going to get is more of the same but with nicer graphics.

Avatar image for apnance
@Aspire85 Higher res models, higher res textures, better light effects, better AI, better physics, higher res graphics all around, better anti-aliasing, better filter effects, faster load times.

I've been ready for a new console for years, despite being told by so many supposed game experts (e.g. Tom McShea, Adam Sessler, etc.) that we didn't need a new console. So funny how the old guys get set in their ways. "In my day we didn't have these fancy 8-bit graphics, graphics was a big rock in the drive-way. That's the way it was and we LIKED it..."

It's time for change. Relax, you will enjoy it, whether or not you can conceive of it being better, it will be.

Avatar image for Aspire85

@apnance I get what you're saying.. My point was that the actual gameplay ideas are rather stale and I don't see how upping the tech will change that.

Not sure if you caught the gameplay vids for BF4 or Killzone 4? They look beautiful but it seems to be just more of the same FPS action we've endured for the last decade.

For example, the transition from 16-bit to 32-bit felt extremely fresh for me as the games were capable of 3D graphics at a time when it was rare for people to own powerful rigs. It opened up a whole new realm of gameplay to go along with it. Unfortunately, I haven't had that 'fresh' feeling with consoles or PC games alike ever since.

Although I did feel that the N64 was a great continuation of the previous gen but, again, it was more down to experiencing Mario and Zelda at a 3d level - something completely new at the time.

I hope I'm wrong in any case. I understand it must be difficult for devs to come up with new ideas in this day and age as gamers have been exposed to almost everything the scene has to offer.

The public are definitely due a new console but I feel that the only standards to be raised will be in the graphical department.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b797108c254e

I really wish they would stop putting words in our mouths; it's getting really annoying...

Also, I'm wondering what they will blame their crappy games and lack of innovation on when the next-gen is here...

Avatar image for zenstrata

Just go with PC. Its a great platform. And is already more 'next gen' than the upcoming consoles.

Avatar image for LtReviews


Also, more expensive.

Avatar image for Sydrum

@zenstrata get a ps4 and a pc.

Avatar image for Armyboy5

True by me.

Avatar image for Argle

dunno about the rest of you, but im more hungry for a really good new IP, and for publishers to stop trying to milk every last penny out of every last gamer and game. stop milking the old and tired cows, and breed a new herd.

my prediction for new games at launch:

next battlefield, next CoD, next AC, Diablo 3, and a new IP or two.......meh

Avatar image for Sydrum

@Argle watch dogs is what's keeping me from sleeping at nights.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@Sydrum Oh, so Among the Sleep isn't keeping you from sleeping at nights :P.

Avatar image for Woady

I don't think new consoles are really going to make much difference...Core gamers are after new games, not the regurgitated rubbish that is currently being handed to them. Sure the new graphics might look good when they first plug the console in...but we all know good graphics doesn't make a good game...

Avatar image for The_Gaming_Baby

I agree. My disinterest in gaming at the moment is the fact the majority of games feel the same. I'm ready for the next step and have been for a while now

In Joe Swanson's voice: BRING IT ON!!!

Avatar image for THizzle7XU

I think Rockstar would say most people are only hungry for one thing...

Avatar image for Verityrant

Based on what information is Ubisoft making that claim? Most of what I read here and on other gaming forums as well as amongst my friends suggests that there is no perceived need for new consoles, much like 3D television. Add to that the one next gen console that already has come out, the Wii U pretty much has tanked, and I think the truth of the matter is that the market is saturated already, with many gamers owning at least 2 of the major 3 consoles from the current gen. I think this sounds like industry wishful thinking. For my part, I don't think there is some magical time limit on consoles, the manufacturers might need more money, but the market doesn't have a demand, and pretending that gamers are "starving" for something they aren't won't make it true no matter how often they say it. I honestly think just the opposite, unless Microsoft and Sony have some really impressive ideas on the table to wow the hell out of us (and if Windows 8 is any indication, MS is tapped out), then I think the Wii U sales performance has told the future of the next console generation.

Avatar image for ExtremePhobia

@Verityrant I disagree. Core gamers (the ones not buying those Wii U, mind) are very much for a new console. I'm very much looking forward to it myself. These new consoles that "nobody wants" are important enough to make it into regular news on occasion. I think the very fact that the Wii did so well and the Wii U did so poorly is actually a sign that people don't want what they already have, even if it comes with a new tablet.

If there's a lack of interest for new consoles this year then it's simply because they've taken too long to get here (almost everyone I know expected them last year). With no new consoles being mentioned... well I certainly went for a new PC instead and I'd guess many others did the same. The enthusiasts always want to push the boundaries as far as possible and more horsepower is an important part of that. And right now, THAT boundary is the one that has remained dormant the longest.

Avatar image for Verityrant

@ExtremePhobia @Verityrant Well I hope they prove me wrong and really bring something new to the table, but at this point I am not hearing about the new technology that we will want. The stuff making the news is bad rumors and things that sound like stuff they want us to want, like always online etc. So maybe they'll prove me wrong, but the extreme downward spiral of developers and consoles and business practices in the gaming industry leaves me feeling skeptical that this will be anything other than a cash grab. I like new tech if it really brings something revolutionary to the table, the console change from Ps2/Xbox to this generation made great strides in 3D graphics which gaming needed. I am not seeing that same need at this point. We'll see soon enough though.

Avatar image for franzito

I'm pretty much satisfied with what I have here and now, and that includes good old gen. They're staving for our money and mine they won't have it!

Avatar image for vivalatour

I wonder if sony will be like all the video game companies and start crying about not hitting their predicted total sales ? I just had my PS3 worked on and it cost $173 well that was my fault ? I should have bought a new one ? the thing is the unit went out for no reason ? I will be damned if I now run out after just 4 years and purchase a ps4 ! the ps4 will magnify the game more a little more ! so what , and as for some other features I just can't see me throwing money away ...

Avatar image for Dante-xero

@vivalatour I've read your comment three times and i still can't make out what you're trying to say..

Avatar image for vivalatour

@Dante-xero @vivalatour maybe if you hack it you can decipher ? I had something else in my mind while writing this ... don't ask ...

Avatar image for ExtremePhobia

@Dante-xero @vivalatour I managed for the first three lines or so and then lost it. I smell Feedbackula bait!

Avatar image for Scorpion1813

With so many great games coming out this year, remind me again why we are "starving for next gen"?

The crap Ubisoft are spewing out reminds me of all that crap EA come out with. They try to tell gamers what they want, when in fact it is never what we want. It is only what THEY want, and the direction THEY want to go in.

Nobody fell for it with EA, what makes you think we will do the same for you, Ubisoft!?

Avatar image for alim298

Yeah I believe a disease for money has been spread in Ubisoft. 'guess selling nearly 10 assassins creeds with merely any change wasn't enough for them. Maybe Blacklist will be (Conviction + new voice actor = Blacklist)

Avatar image for Coseniath

"Ubisoft: We are 'starving' for more money from next-gen"

There, fixed it for you...

Avatar image for undeadgoon

lmao as long as it doesnt use 'uplay'... because that crap is bad... hehe screw you ubi

Avatar image for shinobiprophetx

I won't be getting a PS4 for a while, Last of Us, GTA5, Arkham Origins - all current gen, and ps4 isn't even backwards compatible. With the exception of a 64-player BF4 and arguably Watch Dogs, what reason do I have to rush and get a ps4?

Avatar image for MightyEzekiel

@shinobiprophetx graphics diffrence for current/next gen games like BF4, or exclusives for PS4...

Avatar image for shinobiprophetx

@MightyEzekiel @shinobiprophetx What exclusives? With the exception of the new Infamous (a franchise I've never been a fan of) there's literally nothing coming out that would make me feel the need to buy a PS4 this year. A mid-to late year 2014 purchase sure.

BF4 will be identical on both PS3 and PS4, except gfx and player count, map-size....the gfx for BF4 aren't that much of a leap forward, especially when compared to BF3 on PC. Hell if suppression/hit detection problems plague BF4 as they do BF3 I won't be buying it at all. Graphics are nice, but they're not what makes games FUN.

Avatar image for shinobiprophetx

@Xristophoros @shinobiprophetx @MightyEzekiel Couldn't agree more! Two Souls is current gen as well! (Cage even argued against the necessity for next gen quite yet) and I forgot entirely about Last Guardian! That's another possible delay for a quick PS4 purchase for me.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@shinobiprophetx @MightyEzekiel Yea there is still a lot of life left in the PS3. Don't forget about Beyond: Two Souls and possibly the Last Guardian (hopefully) also releasing later this year. It is overwhelming just thinking about all the games I still need to catch up on. I'll be waiting until the end of 2014 or mid 2015 before I pick up a PS4 and by then it will be cheaper and have a strong library of games worth playing.

Avatar image for shinobiprophetx

@MightyEzekiel @shinobiprophetx I feel you on that, all I'm looking forward to is Arkham Origins, Last of Us, GTA5 and BF4...with the exception of BF4, the other three are PS3 only and the PS4 isn't backwards compatible. Smart move Sony. lol

Avatar image for MightyEzekiel

@shinobiprophetx @MightyEzekiel lol... im just sayin.. i aint buying next-gen either, im fine with my xbox360 and i still have like 4-5 sealed games just sitting here waiting lol.. also i got a laptop for MMOs and stuff to pass the time.. :)

Avatar image for CrimsonDepartur

I think they're gonna do just fine. I can't wait for the new consoles (PS4 mainly, Xbox is gonna lose this one by a landslide) because they WILL be creative and in-depth. How is that not obvious? Who would come up with a game like Knack? And look at how amazing Killzone Shadow Fall looks? Some people are so arrogant.