Ubisoft commits to Shoot Many Robots

Demiurge Studios' side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter picked up for downloadable release on Xbox 360, PS3, PC; launch now set for 2012.


Gamers who like shooting and hate robots have reason to rejoice today, as Ubisoft announced that it will publish Demiurge Studios' downloadable Shoot Many Robots on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC next year.

As the title suggests, Shoot Many Robots isn't a subtle game.
As the title suggests, Shoot Many Robots isn't a subtle game.

Originally announced with a 2011 release window, Shoot Many Robots is an appropriately named side-scrolling shooter in which players fire a variety of weapons at numerous mechanical constructs. However, they needn't stop the rise of the robots single-handedly, as the game will support four-player cooperative play in linear levels as well as a survival mode where the goal is to stave off wave after wave of the mechanical menace. The game will also feature elements of character progression and customization, with players leveling up their characters over time and gaining access to new weapons and items.

Although not Demiurge's debut, Shoot Many Robots is the studio's first original title. Previously, it has worked on other companies' properties, with contributions made to Green Day: Rock Band, Borderlands, BioShock, and Mass Effect, among others.

Shoot Many Robots will be one of Ubisoft's featured titles at this weekend's PAX event in Seattle, Washington. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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