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Ubisoft CEO Gives An Update On Beyond Good And Evil 2

"We see the potential of this universe is fantastic."


It's been quite a while since we've heard about Ubisoft's long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ubisoft isn't sharing any further details about it yet, but now Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has at least provided an update on how the project is coming along.

He told IGN that he just recently spoke with creative director Michel Ancel, and in their discussion they might have discussed "another direction" for the game.

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"I spoke with Michel last week about it to see where it was going; how we should move in one or another direction," Guillemot said in a video that was apparently recorded in March. "We see the potential of this universe is fantastic, and Michel is really passionate [about it]. It's going to be fantastic, I think."

Ubisoft showed off a new look at Beyond Good & Evil 2 last year at E3, and the title could be among those that Ubisoft reveals more about at E3 this year.

In an intriguing bit of news, Joseph Gordon Levitt's creative company, HitRecord, is partnering with Ubisoft for the tools so anyone can create content for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a prequel to the 2003 original. It's been in the works for a long time, but there is still no release date or announced platforms.

What are you hoping to see from Beyond Good & Evil 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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