Ubisoft casts spell on LostMagic DS

French publisher will publish Taito's role-playing game for North America, Europe. Players "draw" spells to cast them.


Lost Magic

Ubisoft today announced that it will be publishing LostMagic for the Nintendo DS in North America and Europe sometime in the second quarter of 2006. The game was developed by Taito and art director Yoshiharu Sato and has already enchanted Japan. Ubisoft has not yet released rating or pricing information for LostMagic.

The game is an action-based role-playing game with a twist. In LostMagic, gamers wield the handheld's stylus like a wand, using the touch-sensitive screen to "draw" spells. By etching out certain patterns, players will cast different in-game spells. Spells can be combined to create 350 magic combinations.

Players control Isaac, a young wizard set with the daunting task of protecting the world against an evil force. Using seven magic wands, not only will Isaac battle monsters, but he'll also be able to charm and command them and make use of their unique abilities. The game will also feature a Wi-Fi multiplayer mode that sees players challenge each other to spellcasting duels.

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