Ubisoft Buys Guitar Hero Live, DJ Hero Dev From Activision

What this means for the future of Guitar Hero Live is unclear.


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Ubisoft has acquired FreeStyle Games, the UK studio behind Guitar Hero Live and the DJ Hero series. The studio was previously owned by Call of Duty publisher Activision.

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FreeStyle Games will henceforth be known as Ubisoft Leamington, referencing the studio's location in Leamington Spa. As for what the studio will work on, in a news release, Ubisoft said the team will closely collaborate with Ubisoft Reflections and other Ubisoft-owned international studios "to develop AAA games.

"We're thrilled to have their expertise within the group, and the team at Reflections are looking forward to creating great things together," managing director Richard Blenkinsop said in a statement.

Terms of Ubisoft's acquisition of FreeStyle Games were not disclosed.

It is not immediately clear what this news means for the future of Guitar Hero Live. We will report back with more details as they become available.

Guitar Hero Live came out in October 2015 and did not sell as well as Activision anticipated. In the wake of the underperformance of this game and Skylanders SuperChargers, Activision enacted a round of layoffs.

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great. many bugs and glitches to come with a following of 10000 broken patches

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If Neversoft could reemerge and make Guitar Hero that would be great.

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Ubisoft Hero.

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My condolences to FreeStyle. They made garbage, but now, they are owned by garbage. Poor bastards.

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Good now they can improve there sound design in games, like car engines and gun shots. This is because some of there games have some weak sounding things. FreeStyle Games used to do music games that why I say this.

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should have named em Tower Climb Studios....

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@sellingthings: You're aware that they bought the DEVELOPPER and NOT the IP??? I mean, come on... seriously....

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@sellingthings: The series is not dying! Yes, it might not a top seller like it used to be but the cult of followers is out there, they just not as loud as the haters.

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@sellingthings: They only bought the studio that made the recent entry, not the series. I think Ubisoft just wants to make their credits even longer.

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@sellingthings: Did you read the article? It is pretty well explained. Ubi bought the DEVELOPPER. Not the game's IP.

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Assassin's Creed Lute Savior: Tower Climb