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Ubisoft, Bungie, And Others Announce Plans To Salvage Stadia Games

Google's Stadia service might be dead soon, but big studios like Ubisoft and Bungie won't go quietly.


Google Stadia will soon die an ignominous death, but several large game studios are making plans to move user accounts, data, and even games themselves from the doomed game streaming service. These developers include Ubisoft, Bungie, and IO Interactive.

On Friday, Ubisoft support stated that the company is working to bring games owned through Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect. Bungie said that it's trying to figure out its "next steps" for Destiny 2 players who relied on Stadia, saying that they will send out information once they have a "plan of action."

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IO posted on Twitter, stating that the studio is "looking into ways" for Stadia players to "continue your Hitman experience on other platforms." While the sentiment is nice, the bottom line is that all of these announcements are statements of intent, rather than fully-formed plans of action. It would be nice for Stadia players to continue to own their games on other platforms if possible, but for now, we're waiting on details on how this might happen.

It's worth noting that Google promised to fully refund all purchases made on Stadia, which we're sure many users appreciate. Though many other services have collapsed without such a gesture, the collapse of Stadia still came as a surprise to many players, especially given that Google had promised updates on the service in the near future. However, the shutdown of Google's own game studios in February 2021 seemed to herald a slow demise for the service, one that will ultimately come to fruition on January 18, 2023.

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