Ubisoft building F2P Castle Empire

The Settlers shop Blue Byte developing browser-based free-to-play strategy game; publisher mum on title.


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Between Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms, Trackmania Nations Forever, and Ghost Recon Online, Ubisoft has already established itself in the free-to-play online game market. However, it appears the publisher has another free-to-play game in store for players called Castle Empire.

Ubisoft's Castle Empire has a website…but not much more.
Ubisoft's Castle Empire has a website…but not much more.

Though Ubisoft has not formally announced the game, it does have an official website up and running. The site offers some details on the game, saying it will be free-to-play and does not require a download.

Additionally, the game's listed bullet points paint it as a strategy title, where players must manage resources, battle enemies, and conquer new lands. The website also shows off some of the game's first screenshots and notes that players can connect with other players in-game.

Castle Empire is currently in development at Blue Byte, the German shop responsible for the Settlers titles and Anno 1404. Unfortunately, further specifics concerning the game are not available, and as of press time Ubisoft had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment on the matter.

However, gamers eager to learn more about the title can sign up to participate in the forthcoming closed beta for Castle Empire via the game's website.

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