Ubisoft Bringing Rainbow Six Siege To PS5 And New Xbox, But Still Against Sequel

Would you play Rainbow Six Siege on PS5 and the next Xbox console?


Update: Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5, and the next-gen console is currently scheduled to release during the holiday season in 2020. Our original story--of how Ubisoft plans on porting Siege to next-gen consoles to continue adding Operators to the game--follows.

Rainbow Six Siege's developer, Ubisoft, has long maintained its desire to get the Tom Clancy shooter to the 100 Operator mark before making a sequel. The company has again repeated that wish, saying it still doesn't plan on making Siege 2, even when the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles launch.

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"We don't want a sequel whatsoever," Siege's brand director, Alexandre Remy, told the Daily Star. "The reason behind this is we don't want to segregate our community between the different platforms. In an ideal world, we'd love players from every platform to be able to play together. We are approaching next-gen with the same spirit."

Remy's comments indicate Ubisoft's opposition to both making a sequel and also its dream to make cross-play a reality--both across generations and within them, with PS4 players and Xbox One players able to play together with PC users. He elaborated: "We've been asking how can we make the player base of Siege today be able to migrate--if they want to migrate, that is--but also make this cheaper [than buying a new, next-gen copy of the game] as much as possible or through backwards compatibility.

"The strength of any multiplayer game is the size of its community, so I do believe that we have to make every effort possible that when next gen comes in, they are treated as a high-end PC versus another PC."

Remy does warn, however, that this is just a target Ubisoft is aiming for and that there is a long way to go before cross-play becomes a reality for Siege. Cross-platform play has become more common in the past couple of years, with Rocket League, Fortnite, and the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare all allowing players from different platforms to play together.

Rainbow Six Siege's new season, Operation Phantom Sight, is about to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It brings a redesign of Kafe Dostoyevsky as well as two new Operators, Nokk and Warden. A release date for Year 4, Season 2 is expected in the next week or two.

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