Ubisoft breeds more Petz

It's raining cats, dogs, and more as Ubisoft adds more games to its Petz strategy franchise, steps out from the PC-only platform.


Ubisoft today announced five more games in its Petz line of strategy games, as the series makes its transition from the PC and Game Boy Advance to Nintendo's newest portable system.

Ubisoft and developer MTO are bringing Dogz to the Nintendo DS in November. Dogz lets players choose from a variety of breeds--18 were in the GBA game--to groom and play with. Its counterpart, Catz, does the same for lovers of the more domestically restrained animal species.

Dogz Fashion, meanwhile, will skip the DS in favor of release on the Game Boy Advance in September. As its name implies, Dogz Fashion lets players adorn the four-legged critters in garishly designed outfits and enter the dogs in fashion contests.

Ubisoft also announced new games based on two other species of animals--horses and hamsters--both set for release in November. In Horsez, for the PC and DS, players will raise their young foals into strong stallions and mares. On the other hand, Hamsterz Life for the Nintendo DS focuses on building and customizing homes in which the hamsters live.

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