Ubisoft breeds more Petz

It's raining cats, dogs, and more as Ubisoft adds more games to its Petz strategy franchise, steps out from the PC-only platform.


Ubisoft today announced five more games in its Petz line of strategy games, as the series makes its transition from the PC and Game Boy Advance to Nintendo's newest portable system.

Ubisoft and developer MTO are bringing Dogz to the Nintendo DS in November. Dogz lets players choose from a variety of breeds--18 were in the GBA game--to groom and play with. Its counterpart, Catz, does the same for lovers of the more domestically restrained animal species.

Dogz Fashion, meanwhile, will skip the DS in favor of release on the Game Boy Advance in September. As its name implies, Dogz Fashion lets players adorn the four-legged critters in garishly designed outfits and enter the dogs in fashion contests.

Ubisoft also announced new games based on two other species of animals--horses and hamsters--both set for release in November. In Horsez, for the PC and DS, players will raise their young foals into strong stallions and mares. On the other hand, Hamsterz Life for the Nintendo DS focuses on building and customizing homes in which the hamsters live.

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i hate how they dont have dogz fashion for DS!

Avatar image for Sam_Lowery

I knew they were going to do this if the dogs one was a sucess, but I thought they'd call it Nintencats or something. I wonder if they'll have several different versions.

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I'm sure these games (Dogz, Catz, Horsez, etc.) will appeal to someone. Maybe younger kids or someone who wants a pet, but can't have one. It holds zero interest for me, but then if everyone liked the same thing, we wouldn't have so many different game genres.

Avatar image for _Sam_

I don't think I'll be playing any of these

Avatar image for Platyphyllum

Why Nintendogs when you can have the superior Hamsterz Life?

Avatar image for asimplerapper

Why Dogz? When you have the superior Nintendogs!

Avatar image for OHJOY90

Hopefully Oddballz will get a sequel as well.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

i dont think a pet game will get a good rating

Avatar image for SAM_ANDREAS

Yay!!!............ Ughm... I mean... I don't know what to think about it.

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LOL, Back in Grade School I used to play Dogz on the schools coputers.

Avatar image for Platyphyllum

Nintendogs was a huge success, hopefully Ubisoft manages to make these games a success too! Although it doesn't sound too exciting to play with dogs, or cats, or horses or...HAMSTERZ! WOOO! I'm definitely buying Hamsterz Life.

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Either way they will sell like crazy.

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Real pets are SO much more fun than console pets. The only excuse I can think of to buy this game instead of taking the free kittens that are sometimes offered in walmarts parking lot is if you live in a Manhatten apartment where pets are banned.

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please stop this madness i still brain dommage after playing catz

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Avatar image for IrenicApollyon

please, ubisoft, stop.

Avatar image for soul_motor

Dear God, please help us from this abomination.

Avatar image for jakeboudville

Looks boring to me

Avatar image for gameloverx

I would rather play with my 3 dobermans than play that excuse of a dogs game

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Avatar image for DarkChaoMan75

all i can say is that catz was a horrible game

Avatar image for acidicdot

Wow, I don't think I've played one of these games since um like 1998. The second game I believe.

Avatar image for HyperMetaDragon

Meh. Petz. Lol.

Avatar image for alpha_company

Woohoo! Duh :D

Avatar image for Elyoshi

Hah, I remember playing these games a while back, and abusing the poor little puppies. I was a bad kid =( Im not too exited about this, but I'm sure the wee tykes will love it. I could definatly see my sister picking this up.

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Not only kidz, my sister want, too. And so do I ^^ (for my GF)!

Avatar image for rondalescott

Laugh all you want but my daughter LOVES these games. Great for kids. (kidz?)

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Rather hang out with my real live Boxer pooch.

Avatar image for Rmadilo

I hope you can use the DS stylus to poke your hamsterz's cheeks.

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Umm...didn't they already make this game, my girlfriend loves nintendo dogs but she got bored after a couple of weeks. Hopefully there will be more content.

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Hopefully it will be as good as Nintendogs! Ubisoft is a great company so I'm sure they will follow through. So close to being the first post, yet so far...