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Ubisoft Becomes Key Investor In Game-Focused NFT Project

Ubisoft has been announced as a key investor in Frontier, an NFT-powered game coming in 2022.


Ubisoft is now a key investor in Frontier, an NFT project that is planning to launch a game later this year.

Frontier tweeted out the news earlier today, with the official Ubisoft account replying shortly afterwards. The project is seeking to utilize Ubisoft's experience in shipping a game to make its own a reality. Many NFT projects have launched on the premise of eventually launching a game for the actual avatars you buy to be used in, but few have made it that far.

Frontier is currently selling an assortment of items on NFT marketplace. The game will let you utilize blocks (a type of NFT you can purchase) to engage with varied enemies, with a simple set of controls laid out on the game's sparse fundamentals breakdown on the official website. How all of the items for sale will all integrate with gameplay has yet to be seen, given that a gameplay trailer for the game hasn't been released yet.

Ubisoft has been bullish on the idea of NFTs for a while now, launching its own project, called Quartz, last year. The project is small in scale, offering in-game items for Ghost Recon Breakpoint that can be traded between players on a marketplace that Ubisoft controls. At the time, Ubisoft described the endeavor as its first experiment in the future of NFT integration with its games.

We've reached out to Ubisoft for confirmation of the investment and additional details on the deal. We will update this with any new developments.

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