Ubisoft Australia Donates To Australian Bushfire Crisis

Ubisoft suggests donating directly.


Australia has been suffering from deadly wildfires over the last few months, leading to the death of people and wildlife and the destruction of bush, forests, and parks. Ubisoft Australia has stepped in with a contribution to help ease the crisis, with a note that explains its reasoning.

A post on Twitter says that the company has donated $30,000 to the Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund. The note also says that the company has heard calls for in-game items to encourage donations, but it felt the development time for this effort would take too long for such an immediate problem. It suggests that those who feel so inclined should contribute directly to a relief organization, and in threaded replies links to reputable ones to consider.

Ubisoft Australia is located just outside Sydney, the capital of New South Wales where the wildfires have been among the most devastating. Evacuations have taken place across NSW, Victoria, and South Australia. Roughly 1,400 homes have been lost and the human death toll stood at 25 as of January 6, according to NPR. Experts have estimated that roughly half a billion animals have died in the fires as well.

Similarly, Ubisoft donated €500,000 (about $565,000) to assist in Notre Dame reconstruction efforts after a fire destroyed parts of the famous cathedral. It also gave away Assassin's Creed Unity for free on PC for a limited time following the disaster, which includes a very realistic virtual recreation of Notre Dame.

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