Ubisoft annual sales climb 24.4 percent

GRAW, Rayman boost French publisher's bottom line; company takes in more than $917 million during last fiscal year.


One week after it touted its upcoming releases in Paris, Ubisoft has reported its earnings for its last financial year, which ended on March 31. During the previous 12 months, the Paris-based publisher posted record earnings, taking in 680.3 million euros ($917.1 million)--a 24.4 percent increase over the year before. Gross profit rose 91.7 million euros ($123.6 million) to top 452.4 million ($609.9 million). Net income for the year was 40.5 million euros ($54.6 million), way up from the 11.9 million euros ($16.1 million) it took in the prior year. Diluted earnings per share were 0.91 euros ($1.23).

Ubisoft said its milestone-setting income was "fueled by sales of new generation games, which accounted for 60 percent of the total sales figure"--or more than $550 million. Ubisoft was an early and avid supporter of the latest batch of gaming machines, and scored hits on the Xbox 360 with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Rainbow Six Vegas and on the Wii with Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Its forthcoming shooter Haze is one of the year's most anticipated releases for the PlayStation 3.

"The sharp improvement in our operating profitability in fiscal 2006-07 reflects the diversity and strong performance of our games portfolio," CEO Yves Guillemot said in a statement. "Ubisoft has laid the foundation for starting 2007-2008 in excellent conditions and is well-positioned to continue to gain market share and further increase its profitability in a high-growth sector."

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It did.

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GRAW 2 looks really good, and is it ever going to come out in ps3 like rainbow six?

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No doubt it will rise again due to Haze (awsome ps3 exclusive (possibly)) if you want it to be then sighn this petition << LINK REMOVED >> Please!

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a company like ubisoft deserves it with their awesome splinter cell and prince of persia series :)

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Really? Where does it say timed exclusive? Can you point it out to me?

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wonder how much sales will climb when crysis comes out.

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"NachoPSN: Look at all the jealous XBOX fans. They say Haze is amazing, and now that its PS3 excusive all the sudden it's no big deal." Its only a PS3 exclusive for a few months as it would be pointless releasing a FPS on the 360 the same time as Halo 3 hits the streets, if you'd read the article last week you'd have found this out and maybe avoided making yourself look like a huge fanboy.

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They should use some of the profits to fix the Silent Hunter bugs.

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Awesome! Keep up the good work Ubi! :)

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Can't wait for this game.

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Ubisoft has been one of my favorite game companies for a while now, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia, and I'm sure there's more I've played that Im not thinking of. And of course, Assassin's Creed coming out this fall, that game is gonna be so amazing.

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Look at all the jealous XBOX fans. They say Haze is amazing, and now that its PS3 excusive all the sudden it's no big deal.

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Haze is my most anticipated FPS out there, right now. It even boasts 4 - player co-op. I'll be hosting Haze parties as soon as I buy it.

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Ubisoft is in my mind the best developer/publisher. that has a lot to do with my affinity for shooters...i agree though that ridiculous profits could be improved upon if next gen games were $50 causing more sales.

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Ubisoft is a really cool company and deserves to be among with the best.

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To my mind, Ubisoft is the polar opposite of Uwe Boll. Whereas every project Boll touches is instantly given up for dead by the gaming community, anything Ubisoft gets seriously into is going to be given a serious chance, and usually pays off. to be blunt, Ubisoft has the midas touch, not just for their coffers but for gamer's tastes as well.

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You know, all these companies complain that they need to start charging more for next gen games but all I see are record profits across the board. How about passing the buck to consumers? That way you will see more copies and still make up the $$.

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wow.. to much numbers

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good for Ubisoft,they are one of the best video game publishers,I can't wait for Assasin's Creed on my PS3

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Good for Ubi. I just hope they won't disappoint with Assassin's Creed.

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I agree, UBI has gone downhill. I have just about lost all faith in them.

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To bad , maybe if they would have lost some money , maybe than they would have finished publishing that crap what they feed us lately . Ubi was my favorite company ... it was exact the oposite of EA ... but now , its the same . Ubi died afther 03 :(

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yeah i know they making there money and they are about to make whole bunch more with Assissian Creed, and Naruto

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....and its ought to grow more with games like assassin's creed and SCC coming out later this year.

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Haze, for the PS3, will help them out too once launch comes this fall. Still, i think the game would do better if it wasn't launching with H3

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Well guys i won't celebrate to much, if I where you. It's gonna come out on the 360, I'm sure soon or later..... they don't have a choice if they want to make money.

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Haze is a timed exclusive to the ps3, so just chill cows. Halo 3 and Bioshock will DESTROY Haze.

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"livinglegend305: GOOD NEWS FOR THE PS3 OWNERS...THE GAME NEEDS TO BE EXCLUSIVE FOR THE PS3 " More accurately the PS3 needs the game to be exclusive so it'll have something to crow about for a bit.

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Good for Ubisoft. The French finally have something to be proud of.

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Like how the Sony bods are constantly saying the 360 is only good for FPS's and then start getting all wet and excited about Haze... an FPS, just because its out on PS3 a few months before the PC and 360 versions.

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If you guys new where to put your money video game companies would be paying you to play video games. Watch Ubisoft's stock go up at least 5 % today. 1000 x 5 % = 50 $ theres your free game

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Too bad they don't know it yet, but Haze being only on the PS3 is a bad move, sure...make a nice looking FPS game only from the console with the smallest market share currently, yeah smart move on a year your going to compete against Halo 3! Come on, just like Gears of War to Extinction, people will be too busy playing Halo 3 on thier 360 to care about Haze on the PS3. If Ubisoft is smart, they will relsease Haze for the PC and 360 like thier original intention.

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GOOD ubi!! keep up the good work !

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wyldcard6 theres no games coming out for PS3??? Maybe I should name some: Littlebigplanet, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Socom: Confrontation, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, FInal Fantasy XIII, Grand Turismo, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Killzone, Monster Hunter 3, Ratchet and Clank tools of Desturction , Tekken 6, Time Crisis 4, Warhawk, White Knight Story, Sly 4 and many many many many more. I have only named the ones likely to be Killer App - there is like 50 others but I don't want to waste my Afternoon naming them.

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I hope Ubisoft make soooo much money that they can throw $10 million away and make another Beyond good and evil game .. or at least a spiritual successor

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Ubisoft are one of my favourite companies because of the good quality games they make/are making. Prince of persia, haze, assassins creed etc

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Despite Red Steel average reviews, it sold 1 million+. You see hype matters just as much.

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Awesome. Hope the upcoming games like Splinter Cell: Conviction, EndWar and Assassin's Creed will bump them even more.

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Thanks for not sucking like EA. Ubisoft ftw

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Keep up the great work Ubi Soft!! Keep them great tittles comming!

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not bad for ubisoft they earn it a lot because ubisoft has a lot of great games including my favorite prince of persia series

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Hey Ubisoft......welcome back to the game......

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its time to buy some ubisoft game vive la France!!!!!

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Another excellent year for Ubisoft. Rightfully so. They are the best developer going right now. I really Enjoy the Tom Clancy games and still have more to buy. Woot!

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GOOD! Maybe they will have enough revenue to gamble a chance with Beyond Good and Evil 2

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