Ubisoft Announces Open-World Action Sports Game for Console, PC

Probably not what you were expecting.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Ubisoft Announces Steep, Open-World Action Sports Game

Today during Ubisoft's E3 2016 briefing, the publisher announced Steep, an open-world action sports game for consoles and PC.

Due out this year, Steep has been in development for at least 2.5 years. Leading development on the game is Ubisoft Annecy, a French studio that most recently collaborated on The Division. The developer is physically located close to the Alps, helping them become inspired, developers said.

Some of the action sports types available in Steep include skiing, paragliding, snowboarding, and traversal in a wingsuit. Players can also change to a different method on the fly. Players will find "hundreds" of activities to participate in, while there will also be challenges to take on.

On top of that, a key component of Steep will be sharing and other social elements. All players will zip down the same mountain and be able to interact with one another. However, under some circumstances, players can choose to disable collision, so other players do not ruin their ride.

Overall, the game aims to offer players "freedom, creativity, and fun."

Some of the settings include Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France, though no specific mountain ranges were announced. It's also unknown if the game is based on real-world places.

In a Q&A this week, Ubisoft revealed that Steep will let players choose between first and third person. There will also be the option to use a "free cam" as well as a "Go Pro-like" perspective.

Keep checking back this week for more on Steep from E3 2016.

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Avatar image for rego913

I would prefer a skateboard/bmx version since Skate 4 may never be a thing but I'm interested in this.

Avatar image for slypher9

This will be a hard sell to non loving ski fans... ssx worked because it was kinda on the extreme/silly & cool side... This however look good (as most titles do nowadays) but not that fun to outside non fans of said sport..

Avatar image for nathan736

Isn't Criterion games working on a similar idea or has everyone forgot that?

Avatar image for h20-xcv

I'll pass. There are enough sports games out there already.

Avatar image for Bexorcist

@h20-xcv: Why do you even bother to comment when you classify every single sportsgame in the same category? There hasn't been a decent extreme sports game since Skate 3 so I sure hope this will be a fix for that.

Avatar image for jancis25

WOW amazing ubisoft something new first person skiing looks epic :) Remember someone yesterday asking for new ssx this is much better :) What everyone expects here another fps or another open world 3rd person car stealing game i believe we have pleanty of these. But this looks promising amazing ubisoft :)

Avatar image for deactivated-59ed237d0261a

If this has a single player mode I might be interested in this.

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

More like Sleep.

Avatar image for PStrife

So an always online Ski or Die then. Why does it have to be always online though? It is Ubisoft seems to be the answer.

Avatar image for Halloll

An open world game by Ubisoft, seems like it's all they do.

Avatar image for barcaazul

Hmmm something different. This is intriguing.

I wonder how good it is. Fair play for trying something that doesn't involve shooting

Avatar image for dwilson8504

This game looks amazing. I love that it's something you can just get lost in. Part of the reason I love video games is because they can be relaxing and I feel like this game fits right in there. Not all games need to be about murder. I love the idea of this game and would like to see them expand upon it in the future. A game where you could skateboard, inline skate, bicycle and do parkour could be awesome in this same line of thinking. It looks absolutely beautiful too.

Avatar image for Barighm

So of all the things they could take from Just Cause, they took the paragliding?

Avatar image for FCT-Steve-O

Snowboarding? Man I want a remaster of snowboard kids 64...

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

This looks really lame.

Avatar image for battlestreak


Is this the new IP there were rumors about?

I will say though, I could see this getting a VR version. This game would be amazing in VR.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@battlestreak: Lol hey bud. Yes it is the rumored new IP. Pretty weak eh?

Avatar image for battlestreak

@punksterdaddy: I guess it's semi original and unique, so I'll give them that, but otherwise, this looks like it sucks.

Like I said before though, a VR game of this would be awesome.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@battlestreak: Yes I suppose it is, it looks more polished than SNOW, which is a Steam Early Access game with the exact same open world concept (from what I remember of it).

The VR would be a unique experience though. A friend of mine loved SSX so he may be excited to play this, it is just not for me.