Ubisoft All-Star Blast Puts Sam Fisher, Ezio, And Rabbids In A Bomberman-Style Battle Royale

The browser-based game throws a whole ton of Ubisoft's famous characters on a map together to see who survives.


Following in the steps of Nintendo's series of bite-sized battle royale games, Ubisoft has launched Ubisoft All-Star Blast, a Bomberman-style game featuring all sorts of characters from its various franchises.

Available for free, the game tasks you with taking control of a character like Ezio or Sam Fisher and battling against 99 other players. Gameplay is straightforward, and clearly Bomberman-inspired: You navigate through a map laid out like a maze, dropping bombs to blow up obstacles or other players. There are a variety of power-ups and special weapons besides bombs, too. And, like other battle royale games, the map steadily shrinks to force players to confront one another.

You currently don't have to pay money for anything in All-Star Blast. It's structured around an ad-supported model, meaning that you can buy all cosmetics with coins earned through gameplay or, in certain cases, by choosing to watch advertisements. In addition, the game has a decent amount of multiplayer features, including the ability to create parties with friends and leaderboards for both your friends list and the world.

All-Star Blast is available via Ubisoft Nano, the company's platform for small-scale, free-to-play multiplayer projects. In addition to All-Star Blast, the platform also hosts an Assassin's Creed endless runner, a couple of Rabbids games, and a Trackmania title.

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