Ubi Soft sues Take-Two

A trial date is set for the first round of the legal battle between the two game publishers.


A trial date for the first round of the legal battle between Ubi Soft Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive Software Europe has been set for January 22, 2002. The two game publishers have been involved in litigation for the past 12 months over Take-Two's distribution rights of Red Storm Entertainment games in Europe and other non-US countries. Red Storm had granted Take-Two the rights until December 2000, prior to being acquired by Ubi Soft.

Ubi Soft claims that Take-Two owes it approximately 6.3 million pounds, which is close to $9 million, on sales of Red Storm products published by Take-Two. The final claim could be as much as 7.5 million pounds when interest payments and legal fees are included.

6590Red Storm is best known for its popular Tom Clancy squad-based action games, including Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six , Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six , and the recently released Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six .

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