Ubi Soft drops Battle Isle: Darkspace

Palestar's online-only space combat game Darkspace is no longer a Battle Isle title.


Ubi Soft Entertainment has announced that it will not publish the upcoming online-only space combat game Battle Isle: Darkspace. Darkspace would have continued the Battle Isle saga, a series of turn-based strategy games. Ubi Soft said that it felt that the game did not sufficiently continue the Battle Isle tradition because the core elements of the series only played a minor role in the game.

The announcement doesn't spell doom for the Battle Isle universe, however. Ubi Soft plans to remain committed to the series with new adventures in the future.

Palestar, the Texas-based developer of Darkspace, plans to continue its project with a different name. Blue Byte Software had agreed to publish the game before the company was aquired by Ubi Soft in January. Battle Isle: Darkspace was previously scheduled for a late-2001 release. Palestar has not announced a new publisher or release date for the game at this time. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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