Ubi Soft details Rayman 3 GameCube-GBA connectivity

New levels, new multiplayer modes, and more will be unlocked if players have the proper tools.


Ubi Soft has released the details on the connectivity planned between the Game Boy Advance and GameCube versions of its upcoming platformer, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. The first mode sets up a cooperative game between the two pieces of hardware and doesn't actually require the GBA version of the game. The player on the Game Boy Advance will form a road using Tetris-like blocks, and the GameCube player will run along that road. Two GameCube controllers and two GBAs can be used at once, making for a team-based multiplayer contest.

New levels can be unlocked in the GBA version of the game by hooking it up to the GameCube version. There will be 11 new levels in all, including a "final challenge" level that will be unlocked once the GameCube version of the game has been completed.

Both versions of the game, along with versions for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, are currently planned for release in March.

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