Ubi ropes in Call of Juarez

PCs get a taste of an old-fashioned dustup with new Westen-themed FPS; Techland and its Chrome Engine to provide game's ammo.


Call of Juarez

Mountain Dew and Red Bull are about to make way for sarsaparilla this year, as Ubisoft announced its version of gunfight at the PC corral. The company today revealed that it has landed the publishing rights to Call of Juarez, a first-person shooter set in the Wild West, for the North American and German markets this summer on the PC. The pierogi western is currently in development by Poland-based Techland, the studio behind Xpand Rally and Chrome SpecForce.

Call of Juarez lets gamers throw on the spurs of Ray, an older gunslinger-turned-vigilante preacher, or Billy, a teenager on the lam who has fallen under the wing of some Native Americans. Like any good Western, gamers can expect rootin' and tootin' in high-noon duels, brawls in saloons, and good times in some brothels.

The game will run on Techland's Chrome Engine, allowing cowboys to use objects in the environment to solve problems or dish out some Old West justice. The engine will also power the game's multiplayer aspects and character artificial intelligence.

Call of Juarez has not yet been rated or priced. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's hands-on coverage or have a gander at the game's official Web site.

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