Typing of the Dead coming to the PC

Empire Interactive will bring Sega's fast-action typing game based on House of the Dead 2 to the PC this summer.


Empire Interactive has announced that it will publish a PC version of Sega's Typing of the Dead this summer. The game is based on the survival-horror game House of the Dead 2, and it replaces the shooting elements of the gameplay with typing. Players must journey through a world filled with hideous undead creatures. Each creature will have a word or phrase attached, and when the player types that word or phrase, the creature is destroyed. If the players aren't fast enough, the zombies attack.

Typing of the Dead includes a number of game modes, including a story-based arcade mode, an original mode, a tutorial mode, and a boss and drill mode. Original mode gives the players bonus items according to typing accuracy, and tutorial mode features speed and accuracy tests.

Typing of the Dead is scheduled for release in June. For more information about the House of the Dead series of games, take a look at our House of the Dead archive and download the playable demo linked below.

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