Two Xbox racers ship

Infogrames and Take-Two Interactive ship their respective driving games for the launch of the Xbox console.


4X4 EVO 2
NASCAR Heat 2002

Two Xbox racing games have shipped to retailers. Take-Two Interactive has announced the release of 4X4 Evo 2, the SUV and truck racing game, while Infogrames has shipped NASCAR Heat 2002. Both games will be available for the launch of the Xbox console on November 15.

"With the amazing graphics and sound capabilities of Xbox we're getting very close to being able to suspend disbelief in games," said Nancy MacIntyre, vice president of marketing for Infogrames' Beverly label. "NASCAR Heat 2002 blurs the line between the game and what a fan might watch on TV. The graphics and sound are so real it is almost like reaching into a televised NASCAR race and taking control of your favorite car."

The driving genre is well represented in the Xbox launch lineup with games such as Project Gotham Racing, NASCAR Thunder 2002, Test Drive Off-Road Wide-Open, Mad Dash Racing, and Cel Damage being available for the console on November 15.

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