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Two Xbox One Games With Gold December 2018 Are Now Available

Going gold.


Two of December's Games with Gold are now available to download for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you could use a free puzzle game and an action-RPG, it's time to head to Xbox Live and add the titles to your library before they go back to regular price. One's an Xbox One game, and the other is an Xbox 360 game you can play on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

The Xbox One game in question is QUBE 2, a first-person puzzler that locks you in a series of rooms and has you manipulate objects to figure out how to escape. Aiding your on your mission are a pair of fancy gloves you wear that let you manipulate blocks in a number of ways that help you reach the exit or flip a switch that will power a door to let you escape.

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In our QUBE 2 review, Alessandro Barbosa wrote, "QUBE 2 makes remarkably clever changes to a formula well established by its predecessor, giving you more agency over puzzle solutions with redefined core mechanics. It means veterans and newcomers alike won’t have to suffer through an overwrought tutorial, with a gentle learning curve effectively nudging you along its growing library of tools. QUBE 2 struggles to contextualize its clever puzzles with a narrative as engaging as their solutions, but it’s still one nut that is consistently rewarding to crack."

The other game is BioWare's Dragon Age II for Xbox 360, a meaty action-RPG that gives you a good deal of choice in how the narrative plays out. In our Dragon Age II review, Kyle VanOrd wrote, "Dragon Age II makes a strong impression, pulling you through with the promise of another fun quest, another character to meet, and another beast to slay."

Between now and December 15, you can also still download the Xbox One game Race the Sun. And starting that same day, the other two Games with Gold for December will go free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers: the puzzle platformer Never Alone and the original Xbox shooter Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

December 2018 Games with Gold

Xbox One

  • QUBE 2 (December 1-31)
  • Never Alone (December 16-January 15)
  • Race the Sun (November 16-December 15)

Xbox 360

  • Dragon Age II (December 1-15)
  • Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (December 16-31)

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