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Two Xbox One Games Will Be Removed From Xbox Game Pass Soon

The Phantom Pain and WWE 2K16 are on the way out.


Two titles in the Xbox Game Pass library will be removed from the catalog at the end of the month. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and WWE 2K16 will exit the catalog on January 31. As explained in this official Xbox Game Pass FAQ, you will lose access to both games come the end of the month, so you may want to play as much as you can.

The Phantom Pain launched into Game Pass on November 1, so when it leaves on January 31, it will have been in the catalog for three months. For what it's worth, Microsoft said from the beginning that The Phantom Pain would be removed on January 31, so this was no surprise. Further still, Microsoft sent an Xbox Live message to Game Pass subscribers last week informing them that The Phantom Pain (and WWE 2K16) would be removed from the library on January 31.

WWE 2K16 had been in the Game Pass library since the service launched in May 2017. The good news for WWE fans is that WWE 2K17 is among the additions to the Xbox Game Pass library for February--you can see February's full lineup here.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is also in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, though it is not immediately clear if it, too, is going away on January 31. We'll report back with more details when they are made available.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's Netflix-style subscription program for Xbox One. For $10/month, you can download and play anything you want from a catalog of more than 100 games--see the full list here. The catalog includes both Xbox One games and backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles. Microsoft adds new titles every month, and on occasion, removes some as it's doing with The Phantom Pain and WWE 2K16. If you're curious about Xbox Game Pass, you can try it free for two weeks.

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