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Two Worlds succumbs to Temptation

Once-expansion, now-sequel follow-up to SouthPeak and Reality Pump's 2007 action RPG arriving for Xbox 360, PC this fall.


In November, SouthPeak and Reality Pump confirmed retail listings that an extension to its action role-playing game Two Worlds was in the pipe. At that time, however, Two Worlds: The Temptation was billed merely as an expansion to the original Xbox 360 and PC title, with Reality Pump promising a bevy of new story points, environments, and combat mechanic tweaks.

Two Worlds, one dinosaur.
Two Worlds, one dinosaur.

It now appears those tweaks have outgrown the term "expansion." SouthPeak today announced Two Worlds: The Temptation will, in fact, be a sequel proper to the original game, and will be available on the Xbox 360 and PC this fall. As initially stated, The Temptation will continue Two World's storyline, with the game taking place in Easter Antaloor, which is in proximity to the Oswaroh and Drak'ar Desert.

Aside from what has already been said about The Temptation, SouthPeak provided little new information about the upcoming sequel. The publisher did make several promises, however, saying the missions will be more involved, voice-overs and animations will be improved, horseback riding has been revamped, combat mechanics have been completely reworked, and the game's engine has been completely replaced.

For more on Two Worlds: The Temptation, head over to SouthPeak and Reality Pump's Web site.

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