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Two Worlds releases collector's edition details

The highly anticipated RPG will be getting special editions for both the Xbox 360 and PC.


SouthPeak Games' fantasy role playing-game Two Worlds will be getting two collector's editions. Both will feature holographic packaging, a 72-page color fantasy pen-and-paper RPG book, and a second gameplay disc which will include bonus music and video content, along with other goodies such as a Web kit that helps players create fan sites.

The PC collector's edition will include exclusive unlockable in-game items, whereas the Xbox 360 version will include a 48-hour Xbox Live Gold trial card.

The US pricing of the two collector's editions is $69.99 for the Xbox 360 version and $59.99 for the PC version. UK pricing looks set to be £39.99 for the PC version and £49.99 for the Xbox 360. Both will be on sale from August 7 in the US, according to the press release, and are still slated for a July 20 release in the UK on retailers' Web sites, although this is not yet confirmed.

Two Worlds is set in an open environment that encompasses some 35 square kilometres. The story begins with the main character seeking his missing sister, and then being faced with a series of choices which dramatically affect the in-game world, including whether or not to resurrect a god.

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