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Two Worlds dev announces Sacrilegium

Polish game developer Reality Pump Studios is taking on the survival horror genre with a female protagonist.


Reality Pump Studios, developer of the Two Worlds fantasy role-playing series, has revealed it is working on a new survival horror game titled Sacrilegium.

Sacrilegium's protagonist, Alex.
Sacrilegium's protagonist, Alex.

The game follows 20-year-old Californian college student Alex, whose adventurous streak sees her traveling the world fighting a modern-day race of vampires called the Moroi.

The game is being developed on Reality Pump's in-house Grace 2 engine, whose predecessor was the basis for Two Worlds II.

"It pleased us that we succeeded to develop the Grace 2 engine in a way that enables us to present models and landscapes that make photos look like charcoal drawings compared to the game," Reality Pump boss Miroslaw Dymek said.

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