Two Worlds 3 Announced, Two Worlds 2 Getting New Engine and More DLC

Third game to be developed over period of 36 months; new engine allows for "much higher level of character landscape detail."


Big news for the Two Worlds franchise, as publisher TopWare Interactive has announced that Two Worlds III is now in development, while Two Worlds II is getting new DLC and a "major" update to its engine.

TopWare made the announcement on Facebook this week. A third game in the Reality Pump-developed series should come as no real surprise, as the first two games have sold a combined 10 million units.

It is still early days for Two Worlds III, as it's in the "concept stage," TopWare said. It is expected to have a 36-month development schedule, and TopWare said fans should "keep an eye out" for more news later.

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As for the other piece of Two Worlds news, TopWare has announced a "major engine update" for Two Worlds II, which it will use not only to "lay down the basics" for the third game, but also to release new DLC for Two Worlds II. The DLC will include eight new multiplayer maps and two single-player expansions, titled Call of the Tenebrae and Shattered Embrace.

Call of Tenebrae is set to come out at the end of Q2 2016. It "focuses on the Hero's return to Antaloor, where he witnesses the shocking murder of DarPha. The killers are a never-before-seen tribe of hideous, rat-like creatures known only as 'The Chosen.' who control a mysterious, powerful new magic. Their genocidal plot threatens every living creature in Antaloor, and it's up to the Hero to find a way to stop them."

Thanks to the new engine, players can "expect to experience Antaloor like never before with the new engine update for Two Worlds II."

The new Two Worlds engine, which will also be available for Linux and Steam OS, overall allows for a "much higher level of character landscape detail," TopWare said. It will also add "an HD-GUI, in addition to tons of in-game achievements, co-op multiplayer, and lots of new in-game features and upgrades."

For more on these new Two Worlds announcements, head to the Two Worlds website.

The latest mainline Two Worlds game, Two Worlds II, came out in 2011. You can read GameSpot's review here

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I searched far and wide for a copy of the second game. I never managed to complete the final mission, but it was a fun little B grade RPG. I eagerly await the Third game.

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@isshiah: The final mission was lulz the first time you tried it, the dmg the boss does is beyond anything you've faced in the entire realm of two worlds 2.

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Two worlds was the last new IP I ever pre-ordered. I returned it two days later. Terrible game...

Avatar image for maitkarro

@DutchZombie: You just suck at it, simple as that, or your taste sucks instead. Two Worlds series is one of the best rpg games ever, start from a weakling and become basically a god, in the first game anyways, in the second game it was tuned town sadly, but at least I was able to beat the game.

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@maitkarro: in 2nd game, choose magic as soon as you get enough money to buy the necro cards. necro school op, summon 8 death knights that each do damage equal to your own melee build character. also necro magic has heal, cure poison, physical resist, single target heat seeking damage, massive aoe damage. necro school has it all.

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They should call it Three Worlds

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I sincerely hope that as part of "a "major" update to its engine" they make the game playable. After reading about this article I tried playing it only to have it crash. I then ran it *not* using DirectX 10, went through three FMVs that couldn't be skipped, entered in a product key, found out that mouse and keyboard controls don't exist in the Steam version (though apparently they do in the pirated version, go figure), and had to try to enter product registration information using my controller while simultaneously being unable to move the cursor over to the fields on the left hand side.

It seems that while the game might not be fully playable if you don't register it's completely unplayable if you try to register. I had to Alt+F4 the game in order to exit it. :-/

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Two Worlds II Engine Update Detailed
TopWare reveals changes for new updated engine, see the full list below.

1. Game is now playable.


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Heck even Iv heard of the negativity Sony creates

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I forgot about Two Worlds because I heard bad things and never looked at it again, but I had no idea a sequel came out.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Two Worlds was absolutely terrible, and Two Worlds 2 (one of the worst game names of all time) was merely ok.

Maybe they'll actually make a good game this time?

Avatar image for maitkarro

@Thanatos2k: Your taste was absolutely terrible, and after some time it got better while it was still the worst in all of the history of mankind.

Maybe you'll actually learn to value games properly.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@maitkarro: You actually think either game is a great RPG? Are you serious? Like, actually serious?

What next, Fable 3 was good as well?

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I hope they release, or re-release rather, Two Worlds II for PS4.

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Off topic:

Why does the xbox one freeze up so much? Even when i play downloaded games it freezes and die

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@camou504: Maybe let it defrost before trying to play it ?

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@camou504: It might just be your Xbox, because I don't get that.

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@p0tent: consider yourself lucky

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@camou504: I also don't get that.

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@camou504: My console doesn't do that either, we must both be lucky.

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@camou504: The xbox one has very slow hardware inside of it, worse than that of a low end pc

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Im excited for this, two worlds 2 was my kinda game, I really got into it after awhile

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Two world 1 is one of the worst game of last gen. Two world 2 was a lot better.

Avatar image for dannydouble

@bluebird08: I enjoyed two worlds 1, it was a functioning rpg

Avatar image for Darkeus

@dannydouble: Functional, yeah. But still broken in some ways.

But I agree, they are fun.

Avatar image for Silverline62

@dannydouble: same it was actually kinda fun.

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Nice! Such underrated game. Two worlds 2 was amazing.

Avatar image for huerito323

I enjoyed the first two games, I am honestly excited about this.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

played the first one for like 3 hours, liked the crafting but the rest of it was a mess

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The Two Worlds games have always been a type of dumb fun even if they aren't that great, I'll be looking forward to TW3 and hopefully backwards compatibility for TW & TW2.

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I'm surprised more games have not done what I thought was awesome being able to switch between different types of characters at the touch of a button, was pretty cool.

Avatar image for jessie82

ugh why the first game was utterly horrible

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@jessie82: It was. Second game was a lot better though.

Avatar image for deactivated-57c9eaee90948

@jessie82: Did you play the second game? By all means not a classic but it was still fun to play.

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There are many things Two Worlds 1 and 2 did well. And many things they did very poorly. I hope the third one is significantly improved.

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Does this engine update fix the games stupid running animation?

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Really a game 3 year away... come on.

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@alldaelong: Thats about how long games take to create noob

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@dannydouble: market a game once it has been finished.

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@alldaelong: And a remake coming out this year. What's the problem?

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No he doesn't this is a lie no spoiler here as this is inaccurrate unless you consider knowing that Batman won't die is aspoiler

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@wilsondiabetes: No, superfag does. I mean whaaaaat

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Now that is the spoiler lol

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I care less about a graphic update than facial animations. The characters were so wooden, it killed the immersion.

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This is the kind of game you read about and in theory it sounds really good, and you will go out and buy it, but then you actually never play it more than an hour.