Two Wild Arms games in development

Sony reveals that Alter Code: F and Another Code: F are in development for the PlayStation 2.


According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Sony Computer entertainment and Media Vision have announced two Wild Arms games for the PlayStation 2: Wild Arms - Alter Code: F and Wild Arms - Another Code: F. Alter Code: F will be based on the original Wild Arms title. The "F" in the game's name refers to "first," as in based on the first release of Wild Arms. But the "F" also has an alternate meaning of "fake," as the game will fundamentally be different from the original release and will be a complete remake.

Series director Akifumi Kaneko said that the development team will make all efforts to try to destroy the images from the original game. The scenario in Alter Code: F will be rewritten throughout the game, the maps and characters will be newly redrawn, and the characters will have voices for the first time in the series. The battle system will adopt the crossfire sequence system from Wild Arms: Advanced 3rd, where the characters run around the screen during the fight. The battle system will also be improved, but details will not be revealed until later on. The three main characters from the original Wild Arms, Rudy Roughnight, Cecilia Adlehyde, and Jack Van Burace, will appear in the game.

Alter Code: F is scheduled for release this winter, and it is currently 85-percent complete.

The second title, Another Code: F, will be a completely new title in the Wild Arms series. The title will be the fourth release in the Wild Arms series. The meaning of the "F" in the title is unknown, but the game's project name is "force."

Another Code: F will have no story tie-ins to Alter Code: F, but the two titles will support some sort of interconnectivity through the use of a memory card. The battle system in Another Code: F is planned to be dynamically different from previous Wild Arms titles, but details have not been revealed as of yet. Two characters are confirmed to be in the game at the current time: a young boy whose name has a relationship with his weapon, and a girl whose name is related to flowers.

The release date for Wild Arms - Another Code: F will not be decided until development on Alter Code: F is completed. Kaneko said that the release dates for both games should not be too far apart since the two are scheduled to have some interconnectivity with each other.

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