Two Saturn titles from Treasure dated for Xbox Live

Vertically scrolling shooter Radiant Silvergun hits September 14 for $15; Guardian Heroes follows October 12 with $10 price tag attached.


Two tough-to-find Treasure games are set to get a lot less scarce in the coming weeks. Microsoft has confirmed a September 14 downloadable release for Radiant Silvergun on the Xbox 360, while Sega sent word separately that Guardian Heroes will arrive on Xbox Live October 12.

Guardian Heroes will have an optional filter to bring the visuals into HD.
Guardian Heroes will have an optional filter to bring the visuals into HD.

Released to critical acclaim in 1998, Radiant Silvergun has never seen an official release in North America. The vertically scrolling shooter has players controlling the titular starfighters as they fly through a variety of time periods with three main weapons that can be combined to varying effect. Radiant Silvergun goes on sale next week with a listed price of 1,200 Microsoft points ($15).

Originally released on the Saturn in 1996, Guardian Heroes is a side-scrolling brawler with light role-playing game elements, such as characters that level up. However, the XBLA version of the game won't be a straight port; Sega is adding "all-new" widescreen HD graphics and online multiplayer with up to 12 players in the Versus mode (or two players in the Story mode). Guardian Heroes will sell for 800 Microsoft points ($10).

This is the first time Guardian Heroes has been remade, but Treasure did produce a sequel in 2004. The Ubisoft-published Advance Guardian Heroes received fair reviews upon its release for the Game Boy Advance.

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Avatar image for B-boy

releas gurdain heroe now

Avatar image for Wardrift

Both are an easy buy for me.

Avatar image for Vambran

10$ is okay. If you bought this off E-bay prob cost you closer to 100$

Avatar image for snxx

@Glacius-V You know Shenmue is for Dreamcast, right? I mean, when the game's development started, the plan was to release it for Saturn, but the project turned out to be too ambitious and the Saturn (unfortunately) turned out to be too short lived, and that's when the Dreamcast came into play. Nonetheless, I would also love to see Shenmue rereleased. And I agree about those other games too.

Avatar image for otanikun

@TheArcade, still overpriced

Avatar image for TheArcade

Lol only for the Saturn versions friend. XD Considering they're being released on XBLA, I have a feeling that's about to change.

Avatar image for otanikun

Holy grossly overpriced video games Batman!

Avatar image for TheArcade

You get used to it after a while. Used to play MvC2 and Garou a lot on XBLA in the squared box and it didn't dizzy me or anything like that. So long as the graphics aren't dark and don't look like mud it's tolerable. Some really old PS2 games have this effect, like the first Devil May Cry for example. I can't play that game any more because my HDTV ruins the quality. Devil May Cry 2 & 3 are still playable though. X-Men Arcade for XBLA/PSN is another one. When you have it in 6-Player mode widescreen it looks awesome however when you're playing the 4-Player version, ugh! It looks so bad I have to exit to the Dashboard.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

@TheArcade HD graphics isn't the issue, the issue is do you really want a disorienting square screen on a widescreen HDTV?

Avatar image for John_Aguilera

Speaking of Saturn, I just hooked mine back up last night.

Avatar image for leeko_link

Finally they actually could emulate Saturn games now. Hopefully the system will be support for VC for Wii U in the future.

Avatar image for Glacius-V

Thumbs up!The Saturn had a lot of titles I really dug.Now here's hoping to see Astal,the Clockwork Knight series,Panzer Dragoon series,Shining Force,Shenmue,etc. Radiant SIlvergun....another reason I love xbla.

Avatar image for neonfrax2

Can an updated version of the Saturn game "Burning Rangers" be far behind?

Avatar image for fadersdream

think I need to get my amazing saturn collection on ebay while it's still worth something

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Excellent Radient Silvergun a SHUMP that I never played since it never came to North America. Now I can, on Xbox live.

Avatar image for Ford_Cruller

Can't wait for Guardian Heroes - loved it on the Saturn. I wish they could have found a way to release it this past summer though. Now it's going to compete with my Dark Souls playtime.

Avatar image for KickinIt_ftw

I'm seriously excited for this.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

I'm excited to try Radiant Silvergun... I've heard good things.

Avatar image for loopy_101

Radiant Silvergun has the best end boss theme ever.

Avatar image for snxx

Man, the only way this news could get any better is if they said "also, they'll re-release Shinning Force III and Azel: Panzer Dragoon Saga".

Avatar image for Rottenwood

Be attitude for gains!

Avatar image for gix47


Avatar image for deactivated-5a5f623fa2551

Everytime I think about selling my Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE does something awesome.

Avatar image for DCUltrapro

OOOH SNAP!!! Radiant Silvergun finally!! Now can we please have PSO V2, Shenmue 1 + 2 and JSR!!!!

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

would be cool to see Shining Force 3 (all of them since they were translated by fans)

Avatar image for robertwarnes91

XBLA, the reason why I'll never sell my 360.

Avatar image for stEElyDaN909

More Sega games! Some of my best childhood memories were made on these systems.

Avatar image for xboxaficionado

Two of may good games made for the Saturn, I could make a list of more games that need a re-release like the Shining Force games but... I'll just give the developers a little break, for now ;)

Avatar image for TheArcade

@MJ12-Conspiracy: Treasure will provide HD filters that will smoothen it out. No worries there.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

Radiant Silvergun sounds like a good game but I'm not too keen on playing a fullscreen [square] game on a widescreen HDTV....

Avatar image for TheArcade

@FallenOneX & Miroku_of_Nite1: I concur greatly. @Everyone else that commented who owns a Saturn. You should play Guardian Heroes on the Saturn in pure RGB using SCART cables, CSYNC or otherwise. The picture quality is absolutely amazing even on most HD displays. Saturn outputs a strong signal taking advantage of pixel and color properties. It puts even most XBLA 240p titles to shame (no offense MS). Totally worth the investement. For more information on how to tap the maximum out of your Saturn's video. Seek wikipedia SCART RGB or look for some upscan converters that will adapt RGB to VGA. There are a ton of them out there, totally worth it for Sega's beloved legacy hardware.

Avatar image for Flint247

More Saturn games, please! :D It's about time they start porting these games. I regret selling my Sega Saturn in the past. Saturn was awesome! :D

Avatar image for Miroku_of_Nite1

The Saturn is such a underrated system. People always fawn over the Dreamcast, but the Saturn was way ahead of its time. Then again, that seems to have been Sega throughout most of its life. Ahead of its time, but the tech not being at the right level yet.

Avatar image for theJBlounge

I'm afraid Guardian Heroes won't hold up well lol I'm gonna have to dig up my copy of it and play it soon.

Avatar image for NoHotAshes

The Sega Saturn OWNED! ... shame so many ppl dismissed it, but thats their loss, they missed out on some aaaaawesome games.

Avatar image for FallenOneX

And that's why I still have a Sega Saturn with an ST Key hooked up to my TV after all these years.

Avatar image for SLjimbolian

YES YES YES!!!!! Guardian Heroes is not only one of the most underrated Saturn titles ever, but perhaps on any console. Definitely my all time favorite.

Avatar image for S_Pac_316

Sweet! Both these game are pretty pricey these days, so this'll be a great way to play them finally.

Avatar image for TheArcade

You had me at Guardian Heroes.

Avatar image for ToTs_00

Hell Ya!! :)

Avatar image for ironfistrich

How about releasing GH on PSN with offline 2 player story mode?????????

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Oooh, I'm going to have to get them.

Avatar image for AcidSoldner

Radiant Silver Gun. God, I've been waiting to play this game like, my entire life! :cry:

Avatar image for shaun_ofda_dead

RS- that release date is old news. GS is late again. (check the forum page if you don't believe me.) I am glad that there has been an official date release for guardian heroes. The XBLA mexican debical last week really got me upset (which is something else that was not reported in the headlines here, but should have been). I like what XBLA is coming out with here in the next few months.

Avatar image for HollowNinja

Guardian Heroes? YES! I hope they release it on Steam too.

Avatar image for Taxonomy

i remember hooking up a satrun multitap to play Gh with 6 people this will be great

Avatar image for slvrraven9

its funny, cause i still have the original GH in its Sega Saturn suicide box. i guess i can dl this and have that one sealed away and stored permanently. this is so full of awesome. now i just need my other 10 saturn games rereleased and ill be good to go!

Avatar image for strayfies

Oh my GOD I LOVED Guardian Heroes. These jerks would do this now, pushed into the months of best games.

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

Would be nice that if we buy both of them for $20 together but I'll stop with the complaining.

Avatar image for luminaria

This is incredible news.

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