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Two Point Campus Upper Etching Guide

How to squeeze those brains for all they're worth.


Just when you’re figuring out to maximize your finances, Two Point Campus throws a curveball at you. Upper Etching is a mid-game stage that changes the way you’re paid. Instead of collecting tuition and rent from your dorm rooms, the only way you’re making money here is by increasing your students’ level. Being paid based on the success of your education. What a preposterous idea! It’s a pretty tough challenge, especially when you’re just starting out. However, with a few of the right tips, you should be able to overcome and produce some talented students. Here's what you need to know about Two Point Campus Upper Etching.

Bring in The Orb Foundation as soon as possible

At this point, you’ve been playing Two Point Campus for hours, so you’ve more than likely heard of The Orb Foundation. Radio ads and comments by the DJs paint it as a sinister cult that brainwashes its followers, and it is! However, they will also pay you for helping them by indoctrinating students. Sure, you’re perhaps selling out their future, but that's how education works! If you’re not being paid for tuition, you might as well be paid somehow.

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The Orb Foundation unlocks a few months into your first year in Upper Etching. It works like any club. You place down the club recruitment booth, staff it with an assistant, then make sure there are club objects for them to interact with. Remember that there are three tiers for these, and you need to provide them all so your students can worship up to the maximum level.

I'm not sure how they think when they're so mindless.
I'm not sure how they think when they're so mindless.

Remember to click on the booth and check off “prioritize recruitment.” For best results, don’t offer any other clubs, at least when you start out.

One more thing to note: being in The Orb Foundation drags down a student’s happiness. Although student happiness isn’t a goal here, and it’s not like they can ditch paying their dues, you’ll still want to plop down some facilities to make sure they can at least reach the borderline of contentment. Having a lot of your student population drop out won’t do you any favors.

Level up your courses

The student population is one of the biggest factors of success in Upper Etching. More students leveling up means more money in your pocket. Even if you can’t provide them an experience that takes them up to the higher levels of education, a bunch of dullards gaining a few levels can sometimes pay more than a handful climbing the ranks.

The best way to get more students is to either upgrade your courses or offer more of them. This means spending your course points at every opportunity. You may have to spend more money on adding new facilities, but building your income is the highest priority.

Upgrade your staff and facilities

Having a lot of students will only get you so far. You’re also going to want to set them up for success. There are two ways to maximize their learning, and that’s hiring better staff and upgrading their facilities.

First off, listen when a student says they need something for their studies. This could mean adding more to your library or upgrading the computer lab. If they don’t have what they need, they can’t complete assignments, and they won’t level. This is an important step to take in any campus, but make sure you’re doing it in Upper Etching where your paycheque depends on it.

I'm that person dozing in the second row.
I'm that person dozing in the second row.

Upgrade your lecture theatres as soon as you can afford them. Every class uses them, so every student will benefit from increased learning speed. It is expensive, but a fully upgraded lecture theatre will pay for itself in no time.

Finally, train up your teachers or, alternatively, hire better ones and fire the old ones. As you increase your reputation, teachers with better skills will become available. Keep an eye out and hire them when you can. Just remember to go back and fire your low-skilled teachers. Teachers with almost no skill will still teach classes if you leave them unattended, which means slower learning and less pay. For more on the new sim, don't miss our Two Point Campus review, as well as general tips and how to make money easily.

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